Chosen By Kids: Shopkins Skyanna Jet Review Shopkins Series 8

Shopkins Skyanna Jet Review

Asda ran an event earlier on in the year where kids went round and picked their favourite toys from hundreds on display Shopkins Skyanna Jet was one of those chosen by kids!

Have a look at my daughter’s Shopkins Skyanna jet review. I think it is fair to say she thought this toy was pretty cool!

You can buy the Shopkins Skyanna Jet from Asda for £49.99

You get so much in this set 1 Jet Playset, 1 Shoppies Doll, 3 exclusive Shopkins, 1 suitcase, 1 exclusive luggage bag, 1 cart, 1 passport, 1 hairbrush and 1 VIP card to use with a free app! The shoppie doll Skyanna is the pilot and she is joined by  3  Shopkins friends: Fizzy Soda, Lynn Flight Meal and Captain Zoom. (Lynn flight meal made me laugh so much!)

The Jet can hold 3 jet-setting Shoppies dolls, has rotating seats and an overhead compartment to load their luggage – just perfect for travelling the world!

Such a great toy for imaginative and creative play.

Really nice details like removable shoes and flying goggles and the little cloud hairbrush make this sucha n interactive set. The shoppies dolls and Shopkins fit well into the jet too.

I love that there are no batteries required,  all that is needed is imagination!

Such a fun playset and I havea strong feeling this is going to be on a lot of letters to Santa Claus this year!




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