Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

When it comes to styling your bedroom, there is so much you can do to make it look fabulous. You really will be spoilt for choice! 

But, if you want to keep your budget down, then these are the tips that you need to hear. How to keep you bedroom looking awesome on a budget is something that is attainable to all. Read on for my top tips on how to style your small bedroom inexpensively.  


Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget


Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Are you ready? Here is what you need to consider when styling up a small bedroom, whether it is a child’s room, a guest room or your own room, the same principles apply. 



Before you start any kind of room renovation, I would encourage a deep declutter as the last thing you want to be doing is trying to find space and place for stuff you don’t really want or use. So be ruthless and get that decluttering done, bagged up and out to the tip or to the charity shop. For inspiration, watch Marie Kondo on Netflix!


Stylish Bedroom Storage

When it comes to small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget you need to firstly think about storage – it makes such a difference if you can get your possessions cleared and out of site,  it gives a much better feeling of space and allows you to have on show only the very beautiful and room enhancing items.

Ottamons are a wonderful invention for bedroom storage that also provides seating and can be a fabulous addition to a bedroom. Take a look at this post on how to style the foot of a bed which also sings the praises of ottamons!

Under bed storage is also a great way to save on space and get your stuff out of site. Just be sure it has a lid and wheels so it us easy to move about and your stored items do not get dusty.

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget


Great bedding

Lovely bedding makes such a difference to a bedroom whereas an old, faded duvet cover really makes a room look sad. Buy some fresh bedding, it’s not expensive but it can make a huge difference. Consider a few cushions or stylish cosy throw to dress your bed too. It is the centre of the room and deserves some attention no matter what it’s size. 


Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget



Fresh paint or  some lovely wallpaper of a feature all – both speedy and cheap ways to update a bedroom but make it look band-box new – tie in your colors with your bedding and you will get a cohesive look together.  


More small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget  – include something unusual 

Rooms done on a budget can look very samey so to avoid this, do keep it bespoke and include one unusual or interesting item. It could be a lamp you picked up at a flea market. Perhaps a precious photo of somewhere you love to visit, maybe a rug from a charity shop that has caught your eye. Make sure to inject a bit of your personality and a bit of fun into the room. 



Remember you can repaint and repurpose pretty much everything so do not be afraid of having a go at upcyling – it has to be included in small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget. If you are stuck for ideas scour Pinterest and you will soon be inspired! 


 Create Space

Create space by keeping window areas unfussy and under window surfaces clear, It can make such a difference. Avoiding curtains and using blinds instead goes a long way to create space.


 Over to you 

Do you have any small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget to share?


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