Small business ideas worth exploring

Small business ideas worth exploring


4 Small business ideas worth exploring

I have always had a part of me that loves to be creative and it can get swallowed up sometimes by my need to make money and be entrepreneurial. I do however have a range of creative pastimes and interests that I would absolutely love to turn into businesses. None of them are big businesses but all would be fun, lucrative and eco-friendly.

Making Pizzas

Business idea:

I would love to develop a range of super healthy veggie and vegan pizzas to sell to local cafes/restaurants in my area. Who doesn’t love pizza and my carbon footprint would be low by staying local.


Things to consider:

When it comes to food production as well as having a hygiene certificate you also need a great back up plan! The last thing you need are your commercial fridges breaking down

J&M Refrigeration have more than 30 years of experience in the maintenance and repair of commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning. If you have a small business dealing with food production of some kind you really will need to know that your equipment is working properly and that you can get your refrigerators repaired 24/7 should you need to or a whole lot of stock could spoil!


Sewing Keepsakes

Business idea:

I love the idea of sewing blankets from baby clothes, turning a prom dress into satiny cushions or a much-loved teddy a makeover so he lasts through the years. The idea of sewing keepsakes is romantic and personal and will create something people will cherish.


Things to consider:

People can be VERY attached to their sentimental items so great care would need to be taken with this sewing. It would be a good idea to share plans with the customer throughout and discuss with them how best to store their precious items whilst they are in process. Oh, and you would need good insurance!



Homemade beauty

Business idea:

I absolutely love making bath salts and facemasks and the like out of purely natural materials and would love to provide these for spa parties in peoples homes.


Things to consider

Oh, when it comes to skin products you have to consider allergies and reactions or the like or you could really do some damage. I would need to research this all SO carefully and make sure my products were absolutely safe



Flower arranging

Business idea:

I love flowers. Nothing makes me happier than flowers. I would love to go on a flower arranging course and then offer my skills out as a business. I would like to arrange the flowers for a dinner party or a restaurant or perhaps even a wedding.


Things to consider:

I would need to find great stockists, brilliant storage and to learn my trade really well. No one wants you messing up their flowers on a special occasion.



So there you go  – some business ideas I have bouncing around  – lots of consider but lots to build on too. What kind of business would you like to have? Have you thought your ideas through?

I do hope you have enjoyed this post on small business ideas worth exploring. Have a look here to see more of my money making ideas


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