Small changes in the home to boost your summer savings

Dreaming of a summer holiday? Wondering how you’re going to afford all those fun family days out this year? Below, you’ll find out how you can save some cash by making just a few small changes in your home.

Switch to non-brands

If you always reach for the brands, you could be shelling out more than you need to on your everyday items. Often, supermarkets will offer an own-brand alternative for a fraction of the cost, cutting the price of your weekly food shop.

Identify which items you can swap and make the change gradually, trialling each to see if the difference is noticeable. If the only difference is the price, you can buy the items on a regular basis and enjoy a bigger bank balance.

Safeguard your household appliances

As a homeowner, you’ll know how expensive repairs can be when something goes wrong. However, by putting preventative measures in place, you can keep your essential appliances working and cut repair bills.

For example, over time, limescale can cause damage to the essential components of your boiler. This can be a considerable expense to cover but thankfully there are products available to reduce the impact of your hard water supply. Cistermiser manufactures Combimate, a 100% safe limescale inhibitor that is fitted to your supply to prevent limescale from forming. It could help to prolong the life of your boiler, with the benefits outweighing the initial cost of the device.

Check your broadband speed

If internet speed is important to you, you may have signed up to the very best broadband package. However, while the package may promise a high-speed connection, your household may not actually receive it.

Available broadband speeds vary across the country. While you may be paying for the fastest speed, it may not be possible where you live. We recommend using an internet speed checker to determine how quick your current connection is — if it’s lower than what it should be, you may be able to swap packages and reduce your monthly bills.

Make the most of leftovers

Cooked too much for a family meal? Don’t throw it away — you could enjoy it for another meal. Pasta, soup and stews can usually be reheated or frozen and eaten another day. This will not only reduce your household waste, you won’t have to dash out during lunch to pay over the odds for a sandwich. It may seem like a small saving but it can quickly mount up over the course of the working week.


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