Smart Ways To Brighten The Holidays With Flowers

Are you looking for smart ways to brighten the holidays with flowers?

The Christmas season has begun. Holiday decorations are now being displayed in malls, parks, and other establishments, and you can hear Christmas songs being played over the radio. However, though the festive season has already started for many, some people may find it hard to get into the holiday spirit due to their busy lives and hectic schedules.

If you know someone like this or if you’re struggling to feel the Christmas cheer yourself, one way to brighten the holidays is with flowers. Flowers are already known to make your home cosier and more inviting all year round, and though they aren’t often associated with Christmas, flowers are also perfect for getting into the natural Christmas spirit.



Brighten The Holidays With Flowers



Smart Ways To Brighten The Holidays With Flowers

Here are six smart ways you can use flowers to brighten the holidays for yourself or your loved ones.

  • Flower Bouquets

You can spread the Christmas cheer to your loved ones by sending them flower bouquets. While you might only think of gifting flowers on other occasions (e.g., Valentine’s Day and birthdays), sending Christmas floral arrangements may help your loved ones get into the holiday spirit.

If you’re going to gift someone with flowers, make sure you know your recipient well. For instance, if that person is fond of traditional Christmas vibes, then you can’t go wrong with red roses. If their favourite aspect of Christmas is the simplicity and peacefulness of the holiday season, you may want to consider gifting them with lilies, evergreens, or white freesias.

Before you send the bouquet off, make sure you pair it with a Christmas card that contains your heartfelt wishes and messages.


  • Flower Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are common during the holidays, so you can make yours special by adding flowers. Whether it’s for yourself or for a loved one, flower wreaths make for great decor, and they can be hung on the door to symbolize that Christmas is coming and that it’s welcome in the home. If you’d like to gift it to someone, you can give more than one flower wreath so they can hang the other ones in their office or on other doors around their home.

You could buy ready-made wreaths in stores, or if you’re trying to be thrifty, you could DIY them and add a more personal touch. Either way, a flower wreath is sure to help brighten the holidays.


brighten the holidays

  • Flower Baskets

Flower baskets still make for wonderful gifts. They’re economical and versatile for any occasion, and they can be delivered anywhere. So, spread the holiday cheer by gifting flower baskets to your loved ones, or better yet, create them yourself. To make it more personal, after filling the basket with flowers, you could incorporate other items you think the recipient will love, such as chocolates, baked goods, handwritten notes, and ribbons.


  • Flower Ornaments

Help your loved ones elevate their Christmas decorations by giving them a few sets of Christmas flower ornaments. While this may not be considered a gift, helping them adorn their Christmas tree with these ornaments will surely add a touch of festivity to their home. What’s more, they could also incorporate these flower ornaments into their other decor. They could add them to their wreaths, Christmas stockings, and tinsels.


  • Bowl Of Treats And Flowers

Though it’s not Halloween, Christmas also involves giving and eating sweet treats, such as candy canes, gingerbread cookies, cupcakes, and so on. Most people have a tradition of putting treats in a bowl and displaying it on the dining table or kitchen countertop for anyone to eat.

As you prepare your treats for sharing, gather candy canes, tiny candies, and cookies, and mix them in a big bowl. Then you could decorate it with red roses or, better yet, poinsettias, which are the typical Christmas flowers. This adds a festive touch to what would otherwise be a regular bowl of treats.


  • Flowery Christmas Cards

Consider doing something new for your Christmas cards this year by using DIY decor. Instead of using stickers or glitter, you could press flowers and adorn your cards with them. The flowers can make your cards look prettier than store-bought ones, and the recipients of the cards can be certain that each card is unique and made with love.



Flowers may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Christmas, but they’re a wonderful and creative way of brightening the season for yourself and your loved ones. Even if you don’t feel the Christmas cheer yourself, following the tips listed above could help change that. Not only will you be channelling your creativity and immersing yourself in holiday tasks, but you’ll also be giving to your loved ones and making their holidays merrier as well.


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