Snackable Science Experiments Review

Snackable Science Experiments Review


Snackable Science Experiments

Snackable science experiments – it sounds so much fun doesn’t it..experiments you can eat. Every so often you come across a book and you just think oh wow! what a genius idea and this is one of those books.

Snackable Science is written by the fabulous Emma Vanstone creator of Science Sparks (the awesome kid’s science blog.)  It contains 60 experiments to encourage kids to enjoy science

Each experiment uses edible ingredients to help kids understand how food ‘works’ e.g how the acid in vinegar dissolves eggshells, how boiling water to make Ice Cubes in a Flash, each project helps you understand the how and why of the world around you.

It is entertaining certainly, educational definitely and tasty – absolutely.

What a fabulous book!

Here is the first experiment we tried:



Chocolate Lab

Our first experiment was a chocolate lab ( hello!) and we were all excited to look at how chocolate became liquid and then solid again.  Then we had to think about texture and taste..would it be smooth fudge or crunchy sprinkles?

My kids learned that you don’t cover chocolate when heating it as moisture will drip from the lid back into the chocolate and make it ‘seize’ and go grainy. They also learned that when chocolate is wrapped it prevents oxygen in the air reaching it and spoiling it.


So much to learn and the end result..super tasty choc!

Snackable Science Experiments Review

Hours of fun!

Anything that engages kids with science and gets them off their screens is a good thing but this is better than that. It is absolutely fascinating and so much fun too.

Snackable Science Experiments is going to keep us busy for hours and hours  – it is a fantastic book! To see how we go on with the Sugar Trap experiment pop on over to my Simple Parenting blog.

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