Soak Up These 10 Tips to Avoid Sunburn

Today – Soak Up These 10 Tips to Avoid Sunburn

Do you get sunburnt every year ? Or maybe you just want to get as much Vitamin D as possible? Either way, sunburn can affect any person at any time of the year. Repeatedly getting sunburnt can affect the beauty of your natural skin and even cause skin cancer in the long term.



10 Tips to Avoid Sunburn

Here are some tips you can soak up to take precautions next time you are outdoors.


Seek Some Shade

When the heat is blazing, the shade will become your best friend! Be sure to get some shade especially between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm. This is when the sun reaches its peak and can cause sunburn more easily. Try to schedule your activities like exercising outdoors or walking your dog before these times. If you spend a lot of time in your garden during the summer, you should consider adding a shade sail or even a canopy.


Broad Spectrum Sun Cream

Do not fret, sun cream can protect you effectively when applied properly. The sun produces three types of ultraviolet rays UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVB rays can burn your skin, while UVA rays cause premature ageing like wrinkles. To protect yourself, look for a sun cream that provides protection from both types of rays. It should say 100% broad-spectrum protection.



High SPF Sun Cream

Alongside the broad-spectrum factor, you should find a sun cream with a high SPF. All skin types vary, but fairer skin tends to require a higher SPF than darker skin. Nonetheless, you should keep on reapplying the cream every two hours.

If you are usually very active, by swimming or jogging outside, try and use a water-resistant sunscreen with a higher SPF. Apply the sunscreen very generously, be sure to get into the corners that you would not usually think of like your toes and behind the ears.


Protective Clothing

Clothing which covers most of your skin acts as a barrier to sunburn, along with the use of sun cream. Chose long-sleeved shirts and pants with dark colours and tightly woven fabrics. This offers better protection compared to loose, white clothing. If you really get affected by sunburn, look to purchase sun-protective materials.

Additionally, you should wear sun-protective accessories like sunglasses and hats. Choose sunglasses that provide 98% – 100% UV protection as these will give your eyes extra protection. It may seem daunting to cover up, but it’s better than getting that nasty and damaging burn!


Avoid Tanning

There is no such thing as a safe tan! Whether you are trying to get a tan inside or outside either one is equally harmful. If you hear that a tan offers protection from the sun’s heat, this is a myth! Every type of tanning has its damages if done on a regular basis.


Stay Hydrated

Keeping your skin moist helps keep you from getting a sunburn easily! This is because hydrated skin is less likely to become dry and flaky in the sun, so aim to drink plenty of fluids reguarly. In addition, try out green tea, this will aid in rejuvenating your skin.


Children and Babies

Children and babies are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of the sun. Whether you are taking them to an outdoor playground or simply going to get some ice cream. Get them into shade wherever you are as this will keep them cool. Additionally, take extra precautions to cover them up completely.



What About Vitamin D?

Are you exposing yourself to more sun because you want more Vitamin D? We have all been there. But always getting vitamin D from the sun is harmful to your body. Instead, you could simply eat more foods containing Vitamin D,  like salmon, tuna, cod liver oils, mushrooms, soy milk; the list goes on! These will give your body extra nutrients and an extra glow, without you having to hit the sun!


Avoid Sunscreen/Insect Repellent Combinations

A quick tip here, especially when you are on holiday, is to avoid combining sun cream and insect repellent. If you are applying both, apply the sun cream first, then the repellent on top. Products that combine sun cream and repellent are not as effective. And some repellents reduce the effect of sun cream. Now you know what to do for your next travelling expedition!



Know Your Skin

Last and most importantly get to know your skin. Be aware of what type of skin you have and what SPF to use. Keep track of any changes such as lumps or colour changes on your body. If unsure, always consult a dermatologist or your local doctor about your skin first.

Now you have 10 tips to use for preventing sunburn when you go outdoors next!


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