Social Media Sales and Marketing: Achieving Success Through Word of Mouth

Achieving Success Through Word of Mouth

Nearly everyone possess a social media account. To put this trend into perspective, recent studies suggest that there are an incredible 2.23 billion Facebook users around the world (1). This is why such portals are great ways to advertise a product or service. Are you looking to earn a bit of extra money for your family? Perhaps a baby is on the way and you hope to create a small financial “nest egg” for later in life. These are two common reasons why introducing a product within the world of social media can be an excellent idea. Still, this is easier said than done. You need to be aware of the correct strategies as well as the effective tools that are at your disposal. If you hope to earn a bit of extra liquidity, please read on.


Social Media Sales and Marketing


Social Media Marketing 101: Getting Started

One of the fallacies involving social media marketing is that little effort is required. While there are indeed instances when a viral campaign will attract millions of views and shares, this is the exception as opposed to the rule. You will therefore need to have a concrete game plan in place from the beginning. We can break this process down into three steps:

  • Knowing your audience
  • Promoting your product
  • Adjusting the campaign in accordance with user feedback


Achieving Success Through Word of Mouth

You will first need to be aware of your target audience. What is their age, what are their interests and where are they located? After all, a misdirected social media marketing campaign will nearly always fall upon deaf ears.

In order to sell Facebook pages, you need to properly promote a specific product or service. What qualities allow it to stand out from its competitors? How can you create a campaign that will appeal to the previously mentioned audience? Take a look at similar pages to see what might have brought success to your competitors for further insight.

Finally, obtain feedback from clients. Social media will provide you with real-time ratings and opinions, so never take these for granted. Communicate with your audience in order to determine what they like or even what they dislike. This information is critical if you hope to be able to adjust a future marketing strategy.



Modern Platforms for Your Needs

Some of these tasks might appear slightly confusing. However, Shopify has developed personalized and user-friendly social commerce software so that you can take the correct actions without making costly mistakes. Social sharing buttons, Instagram shops, dedicated mobile applications and intuitive e-commerce templates will enable you to present your unique idea in a streamlined and highly appealing fashion.

A growing number of homemakers and families are choosing to enter into the world of social e-commerce. Thanks to the plethora of tools available, you can achieve the enviable balance between hard work and success. Please feel free to use this how-to article as a quick guide when delving into this exciting and potentially lucrative community.




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