Solar Powered Sun Jar

Isn’t this lovely? I have been hankering after a sun jar for ages I was absolutely delighted when hi-fi towers sent me one to review.

OneConcept Sunjar LED Decoration Light Blue & Orange Solar Battery: Click to enlarge image!

This very clever little jar costs just £22.90 but it works like magic!

The light is powered by a built-in rechargeable solar battery, delivering power at night and charging itself during the day by solar energy. To prevent wasting the charged energy, the light features a light sensor ensuring that it only turns on at twilight or in the dark.

Isn’t that fab. Look at all the different colours it emits….


Just lovely. This would be such a soothing night light for a little one…no wires to fall over either!

I found the colour changes very soothing and really enjoyed this light. It’s a lovely gift idea and good green energy resource.

HiFi-Tower has excellent electronics, including hi fi speakers and radios and it is a great find. They also sell record players and dj equipment. I will certainly be going back to purchase some more sun jars for the garden. 


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