Space saving solutions in small family homes

Today – Space saving solutions in small family homes

I am thinking a lot about revamping our house at the moment and I have an exciting project to tell you about very soon. We do have one key problem in our house though and that is space. It’s a pretty small house for the four of us and we have quite a lot of stuff and both my husband and I work from home.

We need some space saving solutions in small family homes  particularly for the kid’s rooms.


Space saving solutions in small family homes


Space saving solutions in small family homes

Space saving ideas that I have had come with their own issues, the kids would love to have a bunk bed to share,  they envision midnight feasts and giggling into the wee hours. Therein lies the problem…space saved would be fabulous shattered kids would not!

I have also thought about storing things under the children’s beds to make more room but then they struggle to get things out and things get dusty under there.  

My friend advised me to store high so we replaced low book cases with high ones and this has helped get lots of stuff up and out of the way and saving a lot of space.

I don’t think you can beat decluttering though for sorting out space and storage problem. Every time we have a big declutter I find myself wondering why on earth we held onto things we didn’t need for so long, particularly things that were broken!


Space saving solutions in small family homes


Rotating toys is also a good plan and keeping a few boxes in the loft to be bought down and rotated again later saves space now.

Shelves, racks and storage boxes are useful all over the house and being clutter free on surfaces certainly gives the illusion of more space.  But I say be ruthless sell, charity shop, store away or recycle items not getting lots of use. Having more space helps you in so many ways. You don’t lose things so easily and it looks tidier giving you a tidier mind too.

Hmm I’m still not sure about the midnight feast thing but bunk beds do sound a good idea.



Space saving solutions in small family homes is a collaborative post . You might also like my post on how to make the most money from decluttering




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