Space Saving Tips for Small Bedrooms

Are you looking for Space Saving Tips for Small Bedrooms?

If you have a large family, you may find that space is quite limited in the home. While we all dream about moving to a larger house, sometimes you are simply not in a financial position to move – this is why you will appreciate the importance of making the most of the space that you do have available in the home.

One room that can seem the most cluttered in the home is the smallest of your children’s bedrooms. If one of your kids is complaining that they don’t have enough room, why not follow these space saving tips to help maximise the potential of any small bedroom…

Swapping your child’s current bed for a bed with built in cupboards or shelves is a great way of saving space in the bedroom. Thuka beds which feature handy space underneath for drawers or even a desk is an ideal way of maximising vacant space – meaning that you may be able to remove another piece of furniture from the room to make even more space.


Space Saving Tips for Small Bedrooms


Space Saving Tips for Small Bedrooms

If you have the budget to do so, why not hire the services of a furniture maker who can create custom furniture to match the size of the bedroom – this is particularly ideal for any bedrooms that have alcove areas as these can be used to fit custom built shelving units or drawers into this non-uniform space.

Just like how custom furniture makes the most of unused alcoves, fabric storage pockets can utilise unused space behind doors as well as other spaces. Hang these handy pockets over pieces of furniture or fix them to walls to help provide a place for kids to organise their toys or stationary.

If two of your children share a bedroom, one way of making the room more private to them both is to use a divider such as a bookcase to separate room – this will make the room seem more personal while providing them with their own area to keep tidy, so no more arguments!


Space Saving Tips for Small Bedrooms



For saving space in a small wardrobe, why not use the seasonal wardrobe process – this means that during summer, you store winter clothes away in the attic as they are not required. A good tip is to store clothes in vacuum storage bags to save even more space.


Space Saving Tips for Small Bedrooms

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  1. Jonathan Hill
    October 16, 2013 / 14:24

    You can also remove the false ceiling in first floor rooms and create a platform for a bed, making it a part mezzanine floor and freeing up all the floorspace the bed used to stand in.

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