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Do you get sucked in  by supermarket special offers ?

According to research from the Money Advice Service, more than three quarters of shoppers (76%) regularly spend more than they mean to on a food shop because they are enticed by special offers and deals.

John Penberthy-Smith, Customer Director for the Money Advice Service comments: “The problem is that quite often we see a special offer at the supermarket and we don’t want to miss out – so we throw it into our trolley without really thinking about whether it is a good deal or whether we actually need it.  

“Often deals can be difficult to understand and compare with other prices. Then there’s waste – even if the offers are cheaper, bigger packets or 50% extra are not always good value for money if we end up chucking most of it away. 

That is totally me !  I so hate throwing food out but sad to say I regularly do.

I see something on offer and like  a moth to a flame whether I need it or not I am drawn in. I see 3 for 2 and I just have to have it even though i really don’t even need 2 of the item let alone 3. I just get so excited by a potential bargain!

I need to learn to pause and what I need are some fantastic supermarket hacks….

Supermarket hacks

Ah these are clever! On average we have been parting with an extra £11.14 per shop due to ‘special offers’. It’s time to savvy up and make our shopping really work for us! Put these supermarket hacks into action.


For more money saving tips to help you shop smarter visit the Money Advice Service website.


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  1. April 26, 2016 / 22:23

    I do love these info graphics! They are really helpful at spelling it all out. I find supermarkets like Lidl really good because they don’t try and push big brands on you

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