A Very Special Pair of Sunglasses

I have always bought extremely cheap sunglasses for the simple reason that I have always worn glasses and either I needed prescription sunglasses (which were always too pricey) or I was only going to be wearing them for a short while.

I have worn glasses since I was a little girl of 3 right throughout my early 20’s. Then I was lucky enough to have contact lenses. I got in to an awful pickle with my contact lenses and they were supposed to last a really long time and I invariably scratched them and lost them.

Now you can get wonderful quality contact lenses like these focus dailies

that you literally dispose of daily. Twenty years ago that was unheard of yet these would have been perfect for me.  Who cares if they are lost today you would have a new pair for tomorrow.

Anyway to cut a long story short contact lenses didn’t really work from and I went back to glasses. Luckily for me this year I was sponsored to have intraocular lens surgery (basically eyesight correction) and no I am glasses free!

It’s rather amazing and now I am able to have a good pair of sunglasses that don’t need to be prescription and can last me many years.

These are the ones I chose to review

They are by designer sunglasses by Vogue. Aren’t they lovely ? They feel so different to the cheap plastic ones I have been wearing I love them! so stylish and classic and I can see with them on!

Love them. They are my first proper pair of sunglasses. How special they are!




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