Spy Gear – The Best Spy Toys For Kids

Today  let’s take a look at the best spy toys for kids.

The Best Spy Toys for Kids, spy gear night goggles


The Best Spy Toys for Kids

What kid wouldn’t love Spy Gear!

My son is fascinated by James Bond, Sherlock Holmes or anything remotely spy/detective. He likes the gadgets, the mysteries to solve and the mystique.

A few months ago for his 9th birthday he bought some spy gear from his birthday money. He bought a lie detector test and security camera and an invisible ink kit.   He and all of his friends thought these were uber cool (he did ask me if I had eaten the last big cookie though and told me I was fibbing!).

Well a big box arrived for him the other day labelled top secret and to his utter delight it contained various other Spy Gear toys to review from  Spin Master Toys. We fell slightly in love with  Spin Master Toys at this point.

We were very excited!!

These did look very exciting. Walkie talkies, Spy gear night goggles, light sensors, audio spying equipment and even a spy watch were contained in his top secret box.

Here is my pick of the best spy toys for kids


The Best Spy Toys For Kids – Spy gear night goggles

The Spy gear night goggles are by far my favourite. They fit round the head and a blue light enables you to see in the dark and even magnify what you are looking at. The also make you look like a beetle. Very cool for campingEven daddy had a go!

soy gear night goggles, spy gear goggles, spy gear toys, spy gear review


Take a look at these in action


A list of the best spy toys for kids has to include The Spy Gear Watch

The Spy gear watch would not look out of place on 007 and it has many functions.

Now this is a pretty awesome watch , it can tell you the time all around the world, had a motion detector a decoding screen and  secret spy communication tools ( you can send tiny rolled up messages) This is watch 007 would love.


Spy Gear Stealth Comms Walkie Talkies

We also have the Spy Gear stealth comms walkie talkies. Not only do these  look seriously cool they work really well too . It goes round you r neck so you r hands are free and even if you whisper you can be heard up to 250 feet away. These cost £38.93 but are the best kids walkies talkies we have had.

Spy Gear Stealth Comms Walkie Talkies


The Best Spy Toys For Kids – Spy Gear Dart Trap

Spy gear dart trap motion-triggered Dart Trap! You must load the trap and set it into position using the include You then angle  the sensor to catch the  intruder as they walk past – how fabulous! This is a brilliant wat rotect your stuff, surprise intruders with this Dart Trap from Spy Gear


spy gear dart trap


Spy X micro gear set

spy x micro gear set, best spy toys for kids



The best spy toys for kids – my favourite

Oh my goodness the Spy X micro gear set looks SO COOL and it is flying off the shelves this Christmas. It includes

  • Micro Spy Gear for mobile spy Surveillance!
  • Utility belt with 4 Micro tools
  • Micro Ear Light
  • Invisible Ink Pen
  • Micro Listener
  • Micro Motion Alarm

The perfect kit for any would be spy!


Spy Gear Spike Mic Launcher

Next up was the Spy Gear Spike Mic Launcher well I have never seen anything quite like this! Get the latest in high-tech Spy Gear! The Spike Mic Launcher delivers super spy audio surveillance. The special dart has a built-in listening device. Just fire, stick and listen. With a live audio feed, you can hear conversations happening in far away locations. Each Spike Mic Launcher comes with additional foam darts that can be launched just like the secret listening device. How amazing is that!  Spy Gear Spike Mic Launcher

Spy Gear toy review, best spy toys for kids, Spy Gear Spike Mic Launcher


The Best Spy Toys For Kids – Spy Gear Spy Cam

Then we have the hi-tech Spy Gear Panosphere 360 Spy Cam into any room and capture amazing 360° panoramic video. t! The included suction cup tripod and the Velcro band enables you to place the tiny Panosphere in secret locations to record the entire environment. You can then use the included USB cable to download and review your spy footage. Someone suggested putting this on a remote control car. We love this idea!  You could also pop it on your bike hat and record as you travel. Fantastic  (this was recently voted one of the top ten Christmas toys by Dads!)

The Best Spy Toys For Kids



The Best Spy Toys For Kids – Spy gear motion alarm

Next, we tried out the motion alarm. My son loved this. he thinks this o is definitely one of  the best spy toys for kids He put it by his door and it would sound off if his sister came near his DS. It emits a light beam that can detect movement up to 5 feet.Spy Gear Micro Agent Motion Alarm

spy gear motion alarm, the best spy toys for kids


The best spy toys for kids in the world

Well, I cannot begin to tell you how much fun my son (and in fact, all of us have had with these toys.) they are unusual, clever, they work really well, look great and really do enable your kid to go missions! Fabulous.

We highly recommend these – the best spy gear in the world!

I have to say I think these Kids Spy Gear UK  toys would go down well with girls as well as boys my daughter and I were intrigued. Great fun!

Thank you Spinmaster this has been one of our most favourite toy reviews ever and we truly do think these are some of the best spy toys for kids.



*This post on the best spy toys for kids  contains affiliate links*



  1. October 7, 2013 / 19:13

    Wow they looks amazing, thanks for that you have given me some great ideas for my boys for Christmas

  2. October 7, 2013 / 19:22

    Indeed, as Nikki says, what amazing Christmas presents, for Dads, and kids too!

  3. October 7, 2013 / 21:38

    I agree, I think the Dads would love these toys as much as the kids. Fab review Becky

  4. September 12, 2016 / 02:50

    Cute! This is a great bonding activity with kids. Thanks for sharing this!

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