Stage your Home on a Budget and Sell it Fast

Stage your Home on a Budget

Stage your Home on a Budget

Stage your Home on a Budget and Sell it Fast


Stage your home on a budget for a quick sale

Have you been wondering how to stage your home on a budget and sell it fast?

If you are trying to sell your home, you want to get the best price possible. Numerous studies show that houses that have been staged sell for more money.

Most homeowners are aware of this fact, but still do not stage their homes when it is time to sell. Often it is because they think that staging is too difficult to do or too costly

In reality, this is no longer the case. It is far easier to do than you think and need not cost much. Below we explain how you can stage your own home even if you are not an interior design genius or have a tight budget.


Do those delayed DIY jobs

The first thing to do is to look around your home with a critical eye. You need to see it in the way a potential buyer would. Try to put yourself in their shoes; you are looking for things that may put them off buying your home.

Start with the outside. Stand on the curb and look at your home. Is the outside clean and tidy? Do your windows need painting is the guttering sound?

When selling a home first impressions count. Cutting the lawn, doing the weeding and touching up the paintwork will all make a huge difference to how fast you sell your home and how much you are paid.

Go through each room individually looking for faults and fix those that you can. You will not have to spend much money to do this. Most of the time good cleaning products, a pot of paint and a few brushes are all you need.


Stage your Home on a Budget and Sell it Fast


Stage your Home on a Budget by De-cluttering

The other low cost thing every home seller should do is to de-clutter. You may love your ornaments, but not everyone will.

Too much clutter can easily put potential buyers off. It makes it far more difficult for them to see themselves living in your home, which means that they are not likely to want to buy it.

De-cluttering may seem like a hassle, but bear in mind that when you move the chances are you will de-clutter anyway. Most people end up throwing away things rather than taking them to their new home.

Anything you do not want to throw away just needs to be packed into boxes and stored in the loft of garage. Again, you are going to pack at some point anyway, so why not just do it a bit earlier.


Stage your Home on a Budget and Sell it Fast

New furniture helps Stage your Home on a Budget

Sometimes you will need to go a step further and upgrade some of your furniture to make your home appeal more to modern buyers. Now we are not suggesting you go out and buy a load of new furniture because hat would work out expensive.

Instead, we suggest you look at hiring some showhouse furniture for a month or so. It is easy to do, and far cheaper than you may think.


Recent studies show that staged homes typically sell for between 6 and 20% more than those properties that are not staged. In the end, home staging makes a lot of economic sense, so if you have your property on the market and have not done it yet consider doing it now

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  1. November 27, 2015 / 22:33

    Great advise, this makes such a big difference. All my houses have sold in no time as I stage them. Mich x

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