Star Wars Itty Bittys

Have you heard of itty bittys?

I think they are just the sweetest little things and without doubt my favourite stocking filler this year.  They fit just perfectly!

Itty Bittys  are little cuddly versions of favourite screen  characters from Charlie Brown to the wizard of Oz, Wonder Woman, Santa and many more. They are the first toys from Hallmark.


These dinky little toys (just perfect for small hands and pockets) have been a huge success in the USA and Australia even selling out all over the place with some selling on Amazon for around £100 due to their collectability! Now that’s a great investment!

In Februray the Star Wars itty bittys will be launched in the UK  and I really can anticipate these are going to be a  BIG hit.  Obviously the movie is a smash it  and really these are so cute.

Do you want a little sneak peek at the range?

The figures themselves retail at £6 and are coming to the UK in Feb.

They have been gallivanting all over my house!

Now they are safely wrapped up and popped in stockings awaiting Christmas morning and squeals of delight

I am so excited for Christmas, Star Wars and these itty bittys!


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