Stationery Gifts for around £10

If you are looking for good value gifts for women for around £10 this Christmas time come and have a look at my little gift guide here. I have been looking at  stationery gifts over at the Internet gift store

I have to say they are all rather lovely!

First up I have these rich and detailed Ted Baker mini notebook s £11.99

How divine are these. Aren’t they just  perfect for a friend or an aunty or any self respecting woman over the age of about 18. So useful to have in your bag to make quick notes and really beautiful .

Next we have is Spirograph set.



I don’t know about you but I was mad keen on spirograph when I was young. I loved it, spending hours making squiggly designs I would then colour in .  This is a lovely box/bag to keep the set in too. I’m sure any young girl would love this.

How I love this. It is a  notebook with a worn vintage look to it. Perfect for a teen that likes the vintage vibe. This could be used as a diary, school note book or for thoughts, dreams and plans. It’s gorgous.

For the teen there is also this book shaped gift box with notecards in I think its really unusual and so striking. £7.99



My sister has the following notebook and I think it is adorable.It costs £8.50

It isn’t really a notebook it is a message book and she just leaves it by her front door. People leave her messages in it from time to time about things like enjoying their stay or their child having had fun on a playdate. It is actually really lovely to read through.

Books like this can also be used at parties and weddings to capyture peoples thoughts and good wishes. It’s a lot more compact than keeping a pile of cards.

So you don’t have to spend hours shopping around .

If you set yourself a budget, go for a them (like staionery) and find a great online shop you should be able to get lots of gifts easily and on budget.





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