Staying safe whilst dating

Staying safe whilst dating


It is so important to consider staying safe whilst dating.

When I was young and dating I was ( looking back) frequently reckless. These were the days before mobile phones and the like and well my friends/family would only really have a very vague idea where I was. Despite that, though almost all my dates were with boys I knew through college or school then later through work or through mutual friends. I felt they come with a good recommendation from someone I knew or I knew them pretty well myself. I only once ever met someone through a dating site. I had talked to him a lot on the hone but really did not know him. I made sure we met in a very public place and I met him that way a further few times till I felt like I knew him.

Dating these days is a whole different ball game. So many people date those they meet online and different considerations around safety need to take place. Dating as a Single and Mature person would make me feel nervous and excited. I firmly believe you should keep embracing life post 40 so I would never ever discourage someone to hang up their dancing shoes!

Staying safe whilst dating – 5 simple tips

Meet somewhere public

Meeting someone you have only met online or spoken to on the phone needs to be done in public. You also need to be sure it is a place where other people will be. So yes to a cafe in a town and no to a walk by a deserted canal. You know it makes sense.

Be independent

You need an independent way to get there and to leave that is pre-planned so you are absolutely not dependant on someone you do not know to get you home. You also do not want to have to wait for ages for a taxi or at a lonely bus stop. Make sure your travel is clearly organised.

Charge your phone

Do charge your phone before you go out and take a spare battery charger with you.


Tell someone

Tell someone where you are going, who with and when and when you plan to be home. Arrange to call them on your return.  You might find mature dating may bring with it a little self-consciousness which may stop us from telling friends we are out on a date and what we are up too. It is really important that we’d work through this though and do not allow those feelings to make us unsafe.


Be clear

Be clear about your personal boundaries both to yourself and to your date and stick to them, passion can sweep you off your feet but you don’t want regrets. If they are right for you they will wait.


Don’t get drunk

When you have drunk too much your regards for safety will be unfocused and your boundaries less clear. No matter how nervous you are, and no matter how good a time you are having, do not get drunk!


I do hope these tips help you with staying safe during your dating  andI do hope you have a great time!



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  1. Anita
    March 26, 2019 / 06:47

    With knockout drugs nowadays you can never be sure as long as you don’t observe your drink constantly. Just staying away from alcohol won’t do the trick anymore. I have nieces around 20 and although they live more rural even they know girls who got knockout drugs.

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