Steam Cleaner Review: Thane H20 X5

have just been introduced to  the Thane H2O X5. I was delighted to be asked to review this steam cleaner.

I have never had a steam cleaner as fabulous and as multifunctional as the Thane H20 X5. My absolute favorite thing about it is its money saving potential followed closely by the fact it only weighs 5lb which is great for me as I have rather a bad back.

The money saving potential of the cleaner comes in its ability to do so many jobs that often require  specialists.

The Thane H20 X5 is 5 steam products in 1 – a floor cleaner, fabric steamer, window cleaner, handheld steamer, carpet cleaner –  – all for £99.99. 8 million have been sold across the world and it works by simply turning ordinary tap water into powerful and continuous steam by injecting 1,300 watts of power to instantly heat the waterI

We had great fun exploring some of its options and we have more still to explore.

It was easy to put  together and the first thing we did was try it on our rather dingy looking playroom rug. This rug has actually been sat in the back of my car for a couple of weeks whilst I have been searching for somewhere that will dry clean it. Not being able to find any where I thought I’d give the steam cleaner a go.

The rug game up gleaming clean and looked like new. Fantastic. That’s going to save us a lot of effort, energy and money using ( even finding) a dry cleaners.

Toytally delighted by this I decided to challenge the Thane to my absolutely grottiest roasting pan. ICK!

dirty pan

Look how well it performed…..

clean pan

I could not believe it I had tried everything on that pan including really abrasive scourers. Wow! Saves these pans being replaced and sos much more hygienic plus no detergents were used. I find that amazing!

Whilst we had it in hand held steam cleaner mode we decided to try and tackle the black mould that seemed to be growing around the back of the sing ( I know how disgusting). I was reluctant to use mould cleaner in the is are because it’s so near food. So was keen to see if this owuld work on that.



and finally ….


I am just so thrilled with the result and so delighted we only had to use water!

The Thane H2O is brilliant.

I can’t wait to give my carpets and good steam and my windows and some clothes I usually take for dry cleaning. It is going to save me lots of money!


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  1. November 21, 2013 / 22:48

    Becky thank you for your indepth article i am currently researching about this steam mop.I found your test really interesting and it helps making a decision. I also used steam cleaner reviews website to just get a feel of the thane h20.

    Do you find the steam makes your eyes dry ?

    I have heard it effect your eyes

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