Stocking Fillers for Dads

Ideas for stocking fillers for dads don’t come easily to me.

I don’t think most men are particularly easy to buy for so this does seem a bit of a daunting task. But the kids get a stocking each. I get lots of lovely sweet little gifts from my friends and my OH  gets …well very little really.

Choosing some products that wold be suitable for a ‘daddy’ stocking from It is like visiting 100’s of very cool little boutique shops (that’s exactly what it is actually) The fact they are all together and in one place just makes it so less time consuming than if you had to rawl the  net to find things yourself. After just 20 mins I had a whole stocking full of ideas I know he will love.

It would be so  nice for dad to get his own stocking. these gifts are adorable and lots can be personalised too.

Personal chocolate bar/Beer monster kit/wooden iPhone case/personalised card/large stocking/delta force flyers, toasting fork, personalised to do list
I love the to do list that can have his name on and the bespoke card. He adores flying planes with the kids and he will very much enjoy having his own personalised chocolate bar.
The beer growing kit looks great fun and certainly ticks his interest box. And the toasting fork is perfect for him . He can make his own toast say over the little firs pit in the garden and pretend he is miles away caveman like. Last but not least the lovely wooden iPhone cover will have his initials and  how classy does that look.  All stuffed inside a large stocking of his very own.
There were so many other options we could have chosen from
 It was great fun to find these stocking fillersfor dads.
Will you be making dad his own stocking?

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