7 sure-fire ways to stop your teen costing you so much money

Teen years are notoriously expensive but there are things you can do to stop your teen costing you so much money.

stop your teen costing you so much money

Here are a few ideas

  • Introduce them to the pleasures of bargain hunting; show them how to find voucher codes before purchasing online, introduce them to vintage charity clothes shopping and teach them how to find great sales.
  • Do make sure they always use iphone screen protectors and covers breaking their phone is a very costly mishap and can easily be avoided.
  • Encourage them to read – lots of teens stop reading because they don’t quite know where to go with it.  Keep hitting the second hand book shops with them and introducing them to new authors on their birthdays and at Christmas. Reading is an inexpensive and fabulous hobby that can last a life time.
  • Host regular movie nights with their friends its a lovely thing to do and so much cheaper than forking out for the cinema. I am sure between them they have a host of brilliant DVDS.
  • Give them an allowance and teach them to budget and to save. It’s really important that teens learn the value of things and the buzz of buying something they have saved for. Many just expect handouts and never truly learn the value of money till they leave home.
  • A bike or a scooter or the ability to walk a mile or so will save you having to cough up bus fares or use your petrol each time they want to pop to town or visit their mates.
  • Encourage their creativity too; home-made cakes and cards dont need to be banished to the realm of the tween years, their friends will always love something home-made and it will save pounds too.

I do hope these help and stop your teen costing you so much money.

If you have any extra to add I would love to hear from you so please do leave your comments below.




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