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Storytelling Smories
Smories is an innovative nwebsite for children where they can watch short films of new stories being narrated by other children. It provides endless free entertainment to children

London duo Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar got the idea for whilst on holiday during a long journey in a very dirty Land Rover from the Kalahari desert in Botswana to Cape Town in South Africa last year.


Storytelling Smories

“Our 8 year-old daughter had the idea to film herself reading Enid Blyton short stories with our ipod, and then play them back to her younger sister. This kept them entertained for hours. Our kids have always loved reading to each other and are transfixed when other children read them stories. They are also obsessed with the internet and will make their way to Youtube any time they get their hands on a computer. ” explains Lisa.

“We thought a website that had a continuous flow of new stories, read aloud by kids, would make a healthier destination than so much of the stuff out there. Imagine you’re stuck in traffic and need to keep a miniature person entertained in the back. Access the site on your i-phone and voila… ” adds Ralph.

Once they had the idea for a site that publishes stories for kids read by kids, they also thought it would be a great unthreatening platform for showcasing unpublished stories, allowing writers to test their work in a straightforward and transparent way and giving them exposure which they might otherwise not have received.

From the hundreds of submissions pouring in, 50 stories get shortlisted each month, the best 50 are then narrated by kids and filmed, then appear on the Smories website. Stories are currently being submitted faster than they can be read, and the site’s range of viewing options is set to attract a huge audience. All the stories can be watched free of charge. 50 new films are added every month, building up an ever-growing online catalogue. Shorttly users will be able to filter by theme or content, create playlists or download as an i-pad or smart-phone app.


How to watch Storytelling Smories

Visit to start watching Storytelling Smories for FREE now! I sometimes let my kids watch over a little breakfast or suppe rto end orstart the day in a relaxed way,


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