Straightforward pension advice and a find my pension service


I have just come off the phone with Profile Pensions, who offer straightforward pension advice and a find my pension service.

Such a positive experience.

Profile Pensions is proud to offer straight-talking pensions advice and oh my goodness what a relief from the usual financial jargon that I just find baffling. They find your pensions and tell you about them for free, and offer great advice with no obligation.


Isn’t that just awesome?

Pensions are SO important to the quality of our later life. But because they are, or can be, easily lost and very confusing many of us just bury our heads in the sand  when it comes to our pensions. Free, straightforward advice is such a good thing to take on board and I would  highly recommend it!

Profile Pensions are an unbiased service who are totally whole of market. This means you get the advice that is right for you. As well as tracking your pensions down, they will also analyse them to see if they are working for you. The statistics are mind blowing. Of the customers who use their pension tracing service they find £25k on average in missing/forgotten funds. Now that is a handy sum of money for your later life.

My adviser told me that in 70% of cases they find that people will benefit from changes to their pension and they advise them on the best options for their circumstances. If their customers take up their options then they pay (as is the norm) a tiny percentage.  Because they offer a nationwide service and have such positive reviews (on a level with Amazon and Apple) they are really respected and can get preferential rates for their customers with pension providers They also can review your pensions each year to ensure they are always in the best place for you.

What a weight of worry lifted to have your pension monitored yearly, in the best place for it to work for you and fully tracked. I was seriously impressed. This is how our pensions should be organised and it only takes a phone call or submitting your details on their website.

My adviser at Profile Pensions, Dave Hancock, was clear, friendly and totally transparent, exactly the kind of adviser and service we all need when it comes to managing our money.

Pensions are really important and we need to get them sorted.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this service whether you want to track down pensions you had forgotten about or just need some impartial advice.

Profile Pensions is a trading name of Profile Financial Solutions Ltd which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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