Summer is a time of wealth

Summer is a time of wealth indeed

In summer we see such riches in the world around us. Golden sunshine, shiny yellow buttercups, glowing orange sunflowers and dazzling red poppies. We have the perfumes of English roses and French lavender filling the air we breathe, along with freshness of the newly cut green grass.

We can watch the glorious shows of bejewelled butterflies and stripy bees, dancing and feeding and making their way through the blue skies. We can sit and stare at spotted ladybirds and scurrying little ants busy, busy as we made idle by the sun, do nothing.

We can pick lush, ripe strawberries, and eat tangy rainbow salads, outside in the warm breeze of the evening.


summer welath, flanders, red poppy flower

Photo credit: The Yes Man  

Summer is a time of wealth

In summer I earn less as my children are home each day with me. Each day they are playing and laughing, shouting, making, creating, running, whirling and being children. I breathe them in and I am with them. I work early and I work late when they sleep.

The days contain riches of summertime and children. And though there may be less money when school is out, we are all wealthier for having the time to appreciate the world around us that can’t be bought and whose only cost is time.

This post came 2nd in the summer blogoff compettition over at Money Bulldog  Have you found summer a time of wealth?



Photo credit: The Yes Man 





  1. August 16, 2012 / 12:56

    Lovely post. I certainly appreciate the riches of summer. And you are so right…money cannot replace precious time with your children. Enjoy!

    • Becky
      August 16, 2012 / 13:58

      Thank you for stopping by…and you!

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