Supermarkets need to ‘price it right ‘ so we can understand which food is better value

With household budgets squeezed and food costs among the top worries for consumers, Which? wants it to be as easy as possible for people to spot the best value on their weekly shop. So on Thursday (6th Sept), Which? is ramping up its campaign asking supermarkets to price food and drink much more clearly so easy price comparisons can be made.

When you look at the headline prices on the shelves it can be difficult to see which item represents better value. For example,
– Loose onions priced at 87p per kg next to a pack of 3 onions at 16p each – how would you be able to decipher which is the better value?
– A £1.89 jar of light mayonnaise at £4.73 per kg or a £1.00 jar of a different brand of light mayonnaise at 21p per 100ml. With the unit prices in different measurements, it’s impossible to make a comparison.
– Unit prices that are so small, they’re very difficult to read and don’t meet the Which? criteria.

Unit prices on food and drink should be clearly visible, in a prominent position and easy to read. They should also be consistent, in the same metrics – either by kg or litre.

Some changes supermarkets can make voluntarily, but we also need the law to change so supermarkets do price it right across the board. Which? are asking people to sign their pledge at: Price It Right

Do join in it take s only a moment to sign


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