Swagbucks…did I win the thrifty blogger challenge?

As you may know from previous posts I have been taking part in the  tots 100 Swagbucks  challenge I am sorry to say I failed you my lovely readers and came a dismal last place I think!

I have a couple of reasons why:

1) I am really really busy with it being this time of year and works been coming in fast and furious so getting my head around something new just hasn’t been given the time it needed

2) I am a creature of habit and an easy way to earn on Swagbucks is to change your habits…e.g. use a different toolbar to search I did this for a while but then reverted back to my old habits – which was a bit silly really

3) I kept gambling my earnings on swagstakes (like sweepstakes for Swagbucks)

4) I also kept making little donations to the various charities they promote. I guess I just didn’t see the swagbuck points in terms of money.

Hey ho!  I accept my defeat with grace

Swagbucks needed attention and some nurturing at the start to get it going and I didnt give it enough. Others in the thrifty challenge did so well I actually think I may give this another go when I have time to give it more focus.  One person signed up under my referral link and I LOVE that I get points when she does. If anyone else fancies giving it a go please do follow my referrers link.


It’s been fun!


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  1. December 18, 2012 / 17:21

    Hi Becky,

    Sorry to hear you didn’t win, it sounds like you had a good experience though and I am sure all the charities are grateful.

    Would you be interested in learning more about Qmee, which doesn’t require you to change your behaviour as it works in your usual search engines, and offers cash rewards instead of points?


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