Take care of yourself and your debt

Before I became a writer I was a social worker. It was a job I really enjoyed and found challenging, rewarding too.
I began working in the area of mental health in mental health services for a while in a drop in centre and in a residential setting similar to these care homes

What I found very sad was how life had really taken its toll on the emotional and mental health of the people I worked with but not just for the reasons you would think .
Many of the people I cared for had experienced abuse as children, domestic violence, substance misuse, terrible sadness in their lives and their mental ill health was entirely understandable. Some had been ill on and off since childhood and their illness was part of their genetic make up. But I was working in a an areas that had been a big coal mining industry and very sadly there was at that time (and still is) very high levels of unemployment in the area.

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Lack of self esteem and daily purpose clearly impact emotional health and wellbeing and the effects of poverty and associated debt is huge . Depression and debt are often linked . I read a great article recently about this issue and it strongly suggested that charities that help people deal with their debt really need to stress the need for people to look after their wellbeing at the same time.

Suggestions included eating well , sleeping well and exercise, talking through problems with trusted friends, distraction and space away from thinking about the debt. If these go hand in hand with a good debt management plan people can emerge wiser but unscathed.

Take care of yourself if you are struggling with money and do get some advice. National Debtline is always a good place to start.


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