Taking Your Pet on Holiday

Due to the Pets Travel Scheme, it’s now possible to take your pet abroad without requiring months of quarantine. If you’ve booked a holiday and don’t wish to book your pet into a kennel or cattery, it’s more convenient than ever to have them accompany you. Many pet owners simply can’t find a friendly neighbour or acquaintance to feed and exercise their pet for the duration of the vacation. Holidays are wonderful opportunities for families to spend quality time together, and there’s no reason why a beloved family pet that is in good health can’t share this.

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Legal Requirements

To travel under the PETS scheme, your pet should be fitted with a microchip. Your vet will be able to give you more information about microchipping, as it is now recommended for all cats and dogs, regardless of whether you intend to travel with them. You should also ensure that your pet has been vaccinated against rabies and have proof of a negative rabies test from an EU approved laboratories. You can get a pet passport from your vet, and this should include details of your pets age, the microchip number and date of insertion, the date of your pet’s rabies vaccination, the vaccine manufacturer, product name, batch number and the date by which the booster vaccination must be given.

Taking Care of Your Pet While Travelling

It’s important that your journey is planned with real care, so that you allow regular stops for your pet to exercise. Don’t forget to bring enough food and water for the journey and an identity disc for your pet that includes you home address and the location at which you’ll be staying during the holiday. Give your pet a light meal two hours before you travel to reduce the likelihood of travel sickness. If you’re travelling in a car, it should be kept cool and well ventilated. If you’re transporting your pet in a carry-container, you should always give your pet the opportunity to go to the toilet before putting it in the container. Familiarize your pet with the container before the trip, and include a familiar-smelling cushion or blanket to allow your pet to settle more easily.

UK Holidays With Your Pet

If you intend to holiday within the United Kingdom, there are fewer requirements for pets. Look for holiday accommodation that allows pets, such as the cottages available from Helpful Holidays. Don’t forget to bring a lead and the toys your pet is most fond of to make the holiday experience as pleasant as possible for you and your pet.

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