Talking About Showers

Talking About Showers – Some things in life most of just take for granted these days don’t we. I am thinking about having mobile phones, streaming music, microwaves and hot showers – things this generation just accept but which were absolutely not part of my youth. Life wasn’t always quite so simple, was it?

When I was a little girl we had bathtime twice a week. Yes, just twice a week. There were several reasons for this. Money was not plentiful. We only had hot water when we had heated the tank and it was expensive so we just did this occasionally and we shared bathwater. I would go in after my sister and bath time was quick and functional. We never had a shower or running hot water till I left home. That is had to believe nowadays for most people in this country, isn’t it? Yet it wasn’t really that long ago.


Talking About Showers

My kids both love their baths and I have to say for a treat I also love a long soak with a cup of tea and a great book. I can bathe for an age topping up the hot water as I need too. It is such a lovely treat.

Showers though remain our daily staple and are an essential part of our regular routine. I hate weak showers, do you? I like my showers hot and powerful and I like them to wash away the cares and strains and stresses of the day.

How is the shower in your house? Is it good enough for you?

Ours is okay and yet it is not quite as powerful as I would like it to be. I went to a beautiful day spa recently and after a vigorous swim and gorgeously long steam, I went into their showers. Oh my goodness, they really were absolutely amazing.  So powerful, so refreshing I felt completely wonderful afterwards and my body felt so relaxed. Oh, I absolutely want to be able to recreate that shower experience at home.

I am wondering if we could do with a pump at home’

From salamander pumps UK, you can buy shower pumps that will boost your water pressure. Such nifty things. These act as pressure boosters to the water the flows both to and then through your shower, If your home suffers from low water pressure these are a fabulous solution. Low water pressure can be caused by a variety of things such as an inefficient boiler, poorly aligned heating system or because of low water pressure at the source. These shower pumps bypass these problems and make your shower really efficient and the pressure much better,

The shower pressure at my local swimming pool is really rubbish and I always re-shower when I get home in order to feel properly clean and to ease any muscle stress.

These sound a great solution to what can be a really annoying problem.

Do you shower in the evening or are you a morning shower person?

Is shower pressure important to you?



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