Tatler review – a magazine for the thrifty?

Well I never thought I would be writing a Tatler review

Till I became a thrifty mama I used to be a sucker for free gifts in magazines.

I would buy any old mag for the promise of a free bit of tat thinking I was getting a bargain. as a marketing trick it definitely worked on me. To be honest still draw me in and wink at me but I am much more savvy about them now.

This month I was after a second pair of sunglasses. I have a  rather lovely pair which I very often forget to take out my handbag only to find I am driving along and suddenly need them. I was in need of car sunglasses!

I didn’t want to spend a lot so when I saw a pair of very cute sunglasses beaming at me from Tatler magazine i knew I’d found a bargain.

Now Tatler costs £4.50 not a cheap magazine by any stretch of the imagination but actually an excellent price for a pair of nice sunglasses so I snapped them up.

Aren’t they lovely ? ….

They are in July’s Tatler if you are after a pair yourself and there are several different styles.


becky tatler


Tatler review

I had a lot of fun reading the magazine..not usually my kind of thing at all. The fashion was gorgeous and the jewels amazing but I fin this kind of thing can suck me again and make me want things I really don’t need so I often don’t put myself in that position.

However it was inspiring and beautiful and there were two very useful articles for those on a budget.

First up was a feature on single billionaires…always useful o know! and the second was how to run a stately home on a budget. Well his had me in stitches. The advice ran that instead of paying for a marquee at a summer garden party you could dave money by buying 200 panan hats instead and these would be nice little souvenirs.  Their was also advice on sock buying …buy quality it lasts the stately home owner said. Well no w I agree with that. Yes she she continues I have just found the popes sock maker.

I stopped taking notes at this point.


Okay the Tatler world isn’t one I share but I got a great free guft and had a fun read.

Do you buy magazines for free gifts?


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