How to teach kids Delayed Gratification

Today – How to teach kids Delayed Gratification

There is a famous old psychological assessment experiment where children are told to wait in a room for 5 minutes or so and not eat the cookie. If they mange this they will get two cookies. If they don’t they won’t.

Children who managed it were assessed to go on to have happier and more successful lives than the children who didn’t.

This makes sense. Delaying gratification means you will work to a goal; lose weight for that bikini swimwear body, be single till you find the RIGHT partner and save for that new car rather than maxing out on loans and credit cards.. You are certainly less likely to be overweight, debt-ridden and unhappily attached than those who chase instant gratification.

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How to teach kids Delayed Gratification

Next time your child wants something nice try and make them wait for it. The rewards are sweeter (that biscuit waited for always tastes better) and the life lesson is invaluable.

How to teach kids Delayed Gratification


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  1. Amanda
    February 7, 2012 / 19:24

    This is so true Becky, great post!

    • Becky
      February 7, 2012 / 19:49

      Thank you x

  2. March 12, 2012 / 21:24

    Great post. Can’t say I’ve come across the cookie experiment – do you know who did it?
    Quiet right though – that’s a bit like making them wait until after dinner for their sweets isn’t it? Mind probably how they’ve still got loads left from Christmas as we head towards Easter.

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