Tech Hacks Every Parent Must Know – Uses of a Parental Control App

Tech Hacks Every Parent Must Know


As a parent raising kids in this tech era, you must know that tech is not just your enemy. Sure it has increased the problems of excessive screen time, cyber bullying, online dating, predation and this need to look perfect on social media no matter what. All these problems are real and should be a parent’s number one priority. But tech also helps with handling these problems.

It presents help in the form of a parental control app. These apps are your magic wand to cater most of the above-mentioned problems, be connected with your kids all the time and make sure that they are safe from all cyber dangers.


Online monitoring

Keeping tabs on what the kids see and do online is one hell of a task. It gets harder when they have their personal mobile phones. However, using the right tools you can monitor their browsing, mobile apps, screen time, texting, calling habits and the contacts from your own device.


App restrictions

It is very important that parents know what kind of apps their kids use and whether they are appropriate for their age or not. Now you can not only monitor but also restrict the use of unsafe apps. Just keep track of the latest apps and trends and search what is good for your kids. Let them use the good apps and restrict the bad ones.


Screen time limitation

You thought you would never be able to limit your kids’ screen time, didn’t you? Well, it is very difficult especially when the phones are attached to their hips 24/7. There are many games and several social media shenanigans to keep them busy and ignore everything else. Don’t fuss. Simply lock their devices using a parental control for anytime you want like dinner, study, and bedtime etc. When you lock the devices, you lock all the apps and distractions as well.


Location tabs

Every parent wants to be in contact with the kids despite having different schedules. Sometimes your own work duties come in the way and sometimes the kids tend to lie or be careless. You can handle this with location tracking tools and keep tabs on your kids’ location all the time. With the help of GPS and Geofence, you can get notified of their daily activity regularly and effortlessly.


FamilyTime parental control is what you need

Use these tech hacks to conquer all the tech related problems! A reliable and smart parental control app that is worth recommending is the FamilyTime app. It supports round the clock online, smartphone and location monitoring which includes web history, text messages, call logs, contact details, location details and Geofence updates. You can also put appropriate restrictions on screen time and mobile apps. Kids can send panic and pick up alerts to the parents in a time of need. Know all about the premium features from the website or try them with a free trial.


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  1. Kayleigh Watkins
    November 29, 2017 / 10:49

    Great advice, I have parental locks on my children’s tablets, although the amazon one let’s my daughter purchase games every now and again without the password but it does stop her browsing online xx

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