Tell-Tale Signs Your Aircon Needs Repair


So what are the Signs Your Aircon Needs Repair?

Your air conditioner is responsible for producing cold air. Any home situated in a humid area considers a cooling system an essential appliance. Sometimes, your unit will show signs of wear, but because you expect your AC to have a long lifespan, these signs are often ignored.

You only decide to address the issue when a broken airconditioning system already brings inconvenience. Do not wait for your air conditioner to stop working completely. It is important that you call an AC repair technician once your cooling system shows signs that it needs to be fixed.

In the summer months, the best way to combat the scorching heat is by turning on your air conditioning unit. Your unit cools over your space and when you consider regular maintenance, you can be sure that your cooling system will continue to work efficiently even during the hottest summer months.


Signs Your Aircon Needs Repair

If your air conditioning no longer functions as it should, it is only a sign that it requires expert attention. Avoid repairing the unit yourself because you might not be able to pinpoint the real cause of the problem, However, if you have an old unit, replacement might be the best solution if you factor in the type, age, and the amount of usage. You should also heed these signs as they are indicators of the decision you are going to make.


Signs Your Aircon Needs Repair

Poor air flow

If your cooling system is unable to provide cool air or there is weak airflow coming through your cooling system’s vents, it only means that your compressor is starting to fail. If only part of your home is not cooling properly, the source of the problem might be from your ductwork. Your cooling system needs urgent repair if this is the case. Your air conditioning vents can attract debris which can block the airflow. There are health risks associated with poor airflow. Be sure to have the duct of your air conditioner cleaned so you can restore air flow and make sure that your cooling system is working well.


Lack of cool air

An old air conditioner will stop producing cool air when it is already old. One way that you can identify that your air conditioner no longer produces cold air is when you put it at full blast. Have you noticed that the air coming from your vents is not as cold as it used to be? It is a sign that your system needs repair. The problem may be due to a bad compressor or the Freon levels of your cooling system are getting low. If a repair does not solve the problem, replacing the unit is a good idea. Replacing the compressor can be expensive and buying a new unit is a much better solution.


Problems with thermostat

There are instances when the problem does not originate from the unit but from the thermostat itself. You will know that the problem is with your thermostat when only one part of your house gets very cold. If the other part of your home has the same temperature, it only means that you need to have your thermostat checked. Another sign that you have thermostat problems is when your HVAC has a temperature of 70 degrees but the temperature still drops by 10 degrees.


Moisture or leakage

Leaks and moisture are also indications of problems. When you notice leaks or moisture from your cooling system, they might be caused by a leaky refrigerant. When your refrigerant leaks, the health of your family can be at risk. If you notice leaks, call a professional right away to check the source of the problem. You should also check the drain tube of your unit. If there are water pools, it means that the condensation might either be broken or blocked. While this may not be a serious issue, you still need to tackle the problem immediately to prevent mold growth.


Strange sounds

Your air conditioner may also produce strange noise like grinding, squealing and grating sounds. These sounds are signs that you need to consider a replacement unit. The noises indicate that there is something wrong inside your air conditioning unit. A squealing noise coming from your cooling system might be due to the belt slipping out of place. The noise is also an indicator that the metal component of your unit needs to be lubricated.



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