Thanksgiving thoughts

In case you didn’t know Thursday 24th November is Thanksgiving day. I thought I’d give you the heads up because maybe you would like to plan something?


The first Thanksgiving in the USA was a feast in 1621 shared by the Pilgrims who

had recently settled in the US and the Wampanoag Indians, who shared their corn,

squash, and wild turkeys. They gave thanks for their harvest and the freindship with

the Amreican Indians that had bought them through that first, harsh winter.


It’s a lovely festival to tell children about as it fosters an ‘attitude of gratitude’ which is

vital to positive emotional well being and helps our children appreciate what they have

rather than wanting more (always a good attitude if you are on a budget)


Having a special family meal on thanksgiving, where you tell the thanksgiving story and say

thank you to each other for all you bring to the family and for all the food on the table is

lovely thing to do. Why not plan a special family meal  for thursday 24th and invite

some peole over who you love?  It doesn’t have to be a big spread just a meal shared

is good enough.


This year I wish you:


This year I am mostly grateful  :

For my Aunty Jane who has stayed strong and been supportive and kind and loving

For my children and their beautiful spirits

For memories to keep me warm

For my health

For my good friends

For my writing opportunities

For my warm colourful happy home

What are you greteful for?


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