The Best GCSE Revision Tips for the Best Results

Lets take a look at the best GCSE revision tips. If you are wondering how to revise and how to find the best GCSE revision tips in town then you have come to the tight place


best GCSE revision tips

Best GCSE revision tips


Best GCSE revision tips – the top 1o

Are you looking for the best GCSE revision tips?

For so many students this is a time of both worry and pressure as they are deep in preparation for their GCSE’s. I have lots of advice here on simple ways to overcome frustration and to unravel the big question, what is revision?

There is a lot that can help though with those feelings of overwhelm and disorganisation and of never knowing enough. These revision tips have been gleaned from students, from teachers and from my own knowledge as a life coach about effective ways to behave when you have a huge task ahead.

I hope you find these best GCSE revision tips useful.

And if you are looking for motivational quotes on studying  these are perfect! 


When to start revising ?

take a look at this awesome post on when to start revising and brainstorming then pop back her for the best GCSE revision tips 


Best GCSE revision tips


Practical & Psychological best GCSE revision tips

Let’s start with something really practical.






Looking for the best GCSE revision tips – try revision guides

Revision guides are worth their weight in gold when it comes to studying.

Collins GCSE In A Week guides contain a  7-day revision plan to help you get ready for exams, with exam-style questions just like the real thing. The Combined Science revision guide has a 14-day plan because it covers a broader area.


Watch this vlog for the Best GCSE revision tips

For kids whose notes aren’t great or who have left revision to the last minute, these revision guides are just fabulous.  A brilliant way to take away the panic and one of the


10 best GCSE revision tips

GCSE students using these revision guides can cover a whole topic in less than an hour and check they are on the right track with quick tests. All the answers are at the back of the book, as well as a handy glossary of terms to check through.




Here is a list of the guides available for the BEST GCSE revision tips:

GCSE 9-1 Combined Science In a Week (or Two)

GCSE 9-1 Biology In a Week

GCSE 9-1 Chemistry In a Week

GCSE 9-1 Physics In a Week

GCSE 9-1 Maths Foundation In A Week

GCSE 9-1 Maths Higher In A Week

GCSE 9-1 English Language and literature in a week


A handy way to revise – The Best GCSE Revision Tips

These are such a handy way to revise and cover topics before your exams and they have the best GCSE revision tips. The books are laid out with timed tests to help you practice and revise in bitesize chunks – both of these are really important revision strategies and the books are a great way to prep.




best GCSE revision tips


best GCSE revision tips



Best GCSE revision tips? Space and a place to study

Finding somewhere ideal to study is also really important. You may find it easier at the library away from the distractions of home or you may like to work in your bedroom. It is totally up to you but do make sure you have space and peace you need. Do also make sure it set up with all you need,  water, the right stationery, access to wifi, highlighters, index cards and a desk that is clear.

Crucially do turn your phone off or put it on silent. Phones are such a massive distraction when you are studying. The Best GCSE Revision Tips only work if you do the work.

Maybe you like background music as you work? Maybe you like to feel warm and cosy? Set up all this before you get started, including a healthy snack for your break time and a bottle of water. You need to give your revision your focus and not be distracted by other people/Instagram/feeling hungry/bot having a calculator. Get sorted and settled before you begin.

The right environment matters hugely.




The Best GCSE Revision Tips


Focussed revision is one of the best GCSE revision tips

Make sure you know which topics you need to revise for each subject. You do not want to be wading through absolutely everything you have ever learned about a subject if they are not all being covered in the exams. Use your exam board specifications as a revision plan checklist and clarify with your teachers too. You want to be sure your revision is focussed.

Once you know what topics you have to revise for enter them into your revision timetable so you know you will cover them in time for that exam. Sounds so obvious and so straightforward but knowing what will be expected of you in the exams and exactly what you need to cover is the crucial starting point for revision.


The best GCSE revision tips include Active revision

By active revision, I don’t mean do star jumps whilst you revise – although that would definitely be energising. This is absolutely one of the very best GCSE revision tips

By active revision, I mean taking notes from what you read, mind mapping out your ideas or re-drawing diagrams.

It is all about reinforcing what you have learned in a way that works for you and imprints it on your memory 

As you write something on paper you are revising it twice, first whilst reading and then during writing. Everyone understands things more easily in their own language so taking notes will help you clarify your understanding too.


best GCSE revision tips

Best GCSE revision tips


Timed tests are one of the best GCSE revision tips

No matter how much you have revised if you don’t practice timed tests you may struggle to complete your exams.

Making sure you have the timing right is crucial to ensuring all your questions are answered. You will get to practice in school but doing additional time tests at home (like those in the Letts guides) is a really useful use of your revision time and should hugely help your confidence,



Yes practice practice practice is what gets you through and practicing in the right conditions for the right length of time takes the fear away. 


One of the best GCSE revision tips is to create a revision timetable

Creating a revision timetable is a great way to organise your study time and will enable you to know, with confidence, that you have time to cover all you need to. It can be very rewarding to highlight completed sections of your timetable and know when you have free time scheduled too.

Don’t plan in every minute of your day – a couple of hours of revision each day will be plenty with regular breaks. 10 minutes every hour works for a lot of people but you may prefer 5 minutes every 30 minutes? Go with what works for you.



Variety is the Spice of Life when it comes to the best GCSE revision advice

Studying one subject just by reading for several hours will really bore you and it will be hard to keep your attention engaged. Mix things up by a little bu drawing, reading, writing, notetaking, listening to relevant audiobooks and keep your learning varied.

It might work for you to look at a couple of subjects during a revision session and dedicate an hour to each rather than just look at one. You will soon find what works best for you.


best GCSE revision tips

Best GCSE revision tips


Have some fun – wise GCSE revision guidance

Factor in free time and fun into your revision timetable.  This is one of the Best GCSE Revision Tips – v certainly the most enjoyable. Go for a swim or to the cinema with your mates or head out on a bike ride or watch your favourite TV show. Whatever you do keep it away from your study, time-bound so it doesn’t last all day! and guaranteed fun. Your brain and you need some light relief. being around positive people is important. if that is hard to do then have a read of how to stop absorbing other peoples emotions to keep you strong


Stay Healthy – this is one of the best GCSE revision tips that you might well miss

Tempting as it might be burning the midnight oil, getting no fresh air, giving up all your exercise and just drinking fizzy pop and eating chocolate will just not help at all. Eating well, getting fresh air good sleep and regular exercise will boost your brainpower and help you feel emotionally and physically alert and strong. 

These are simple but highly effective things you can make sure you do to make sure you are absolutely at your best.and incorporating the best GCSE revision tips into our plan


best GCSE revision tips


A positive mindset is one of the absolute best GCSE revision tips

Mindset alone has a huge impact on how well you achieve anything at all. A can-do attitude makes everything easier. You need to focus on what you CAN achieve. So you absolutely CAN revise for 30 minutes.  You CAN do a practice test. You CAN mark off the revision slots you have done. Focus on what is possible rather than wasting time and negative energy worrying. If you do need to let your more negative feelings then have a good chat with some who cares and then do something practical,  you will feel so much better when you unburden your worries and then take action.



Final thoughts on the Best GCSE Revision Tips

If you revise well and efficiently you will achieve your potential – the best chance you can give yourself in your GCSE’s is to work hard and with focus and stay healthy and positive. I wish you the very best of luck follow these 10 best GCSE revision tips and you won’t go far wrong.

Then when it is all done and dusted you can do what you love and many paths will open up before you 


Best GCSE Revision Tips


Over to you for your best GCSE revision tips and advice

Do share the best GCSE revision tips that your family have tried and tested I’d love to hear from you!



My GCSE’s Results and the best GCSE revision tips I received

So how did my GCSE’s go? Well I did o levels actually (yes I am that old!) and I got 13 with C or above mainly A’s and B’s. I know that sounds excessive.

I took 2 extra, art and Latin that I did not have lessons for – I have always been ambitious).  What worked well for me during my study was someone told me to keep in mind that this was a short term thing – like prepping for a race.

I would not have to keep this level of work up but the end goal was worth it. That helped a lot. In fact, seeing it as a short sprint rather than a marathon is one of my best GCSE revision tips.

The other thing that really helped with my GCSE was my dear mum. She would quiz me. I would talk stuff over with her, recite my quotes to her and so on. If you have a family member willing and able to help you my advice would be that you absolutely DO take them up on it!


best GCSE revision tips


10 best study quotes to inspire you !

We all need a little inspiration and these quotes are very inspiring!

  1. Strive for progress, not perfection.
  2. The secret to getting ahead is getting started
  3. Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. – Robert Collier
  4. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.
  5. I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have. – Thomas Jefferson
  6. Life has two rules: 1) Never quit. 2) Always remember Rule
  7. The earlier you start working on something, the earlier you will see results.
  8. We generate fears while we do nothing. We overcome these fears by taking action.
  9. Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending
  10. A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but because of its persistence

Do you feel inspired now! A little bit of motivation really can go a long way. Being motivated in definitely one of my Best GCSE revision tips





Positive peer pressure  & the Best GCSE Revision Tips

In my latest book Be Happy Be You – a happiness boosting book for teens we consider happy studying – it really can be a thing! We also look at positive peer pressure and I believe this is so useful when it comes to studying. In fact, I believe positive peer pressure is one of the best GCSE revision tips there is!

Let me share an extract from my book with you here:


be happy be you


Positive Peer Pressure

We tend to think of peer pressure as a negative influence, and of course, it can be if it encourages you towards negative /unhealthy behaviours. But some peer pressure can be really positive. 

Studies have also shown that math students at UC Berkeley did much better when working in a group than they did when working individually.

One study in a hotel placed 2 different signs above the towel racks urging guests to reuse towels.  One sign asked the guests to join the others in reusing towels and the other was a simple request to save the environment  The guests exposed to the peer group sign were 25% more likely to reuse their towels.




So yep, if you need to get studying then surround yourself with studiers. If you need to get out of group that’s drinking too much or is taking drugs then joining a sports group may be a great option as their focus will be more on healthy living and respecting their bodies.

Peer pressure can lead to very positive changes among groups of people and it is now accepted from psychology through to advertising that positive peer pressure is more powerful than just giving people scary facts.

Hanging around with great people with fantastic values is the best way forward and one of the best GCSE revision tips I know!

Be Happy Be You is available from Amazon and all good book shops


A little something to help parents support these best GCSE revision tips


What’s my teenager thinking?

What’s my teenager thinking? Oh this is something parents wonder over again and again and thank goodness there is a new boook out which gives great insight into this.

What’s my teenager thinking – practical child psychology for modern parents  is a super practical book that helps parents understand the changes going on for their teen. It  explores the science at work during this period of development, translates teenage behaviour, and shows you how you can best respond as a parent.  Perfect for supporting teens through tricky times such as exams (and all those other rather precarious teen life events) It is written by renowned parenting author Tanith Carey alongside consultant editor  Dr Angharad Rudkin.

If you want to communicate well with your teen and support them as best you can then this is the book for you!


What's my teenager thinking?



10 best GCSE revision tips is a  collaborative post – you might also like my post on how to raise a hardworking teen   and tips to get teens to reduce their screen time


Further reading on the best GCSE revision tips

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