The 2019 Kitchen Design Trends

Expanding your kitchen is a common home improvement dream. The kitchen really is the heart of the home. It is where you socialize, bond and create. It is where you teach our kids to bake, chat over important issues with friends, and catch up on the day with the rest of our family. It is where we nurture our family with food and it where we hatch plans around the dinner table.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the trends that might best suit your kitchen. I would never advise that you just follow current trends but instead take a look at what is around then adapt those trends to what works for you, for your home and for your family. Keeping your kitchen updated and on trend will help it’s resale value however so this really is something to bear in mind if you are considering a remodel or a refurbishment.



2019 Kitchen Design Trends


A word about cabinets

No kitchen would be complete without having cabinets to store our important kitchen utensils and our pans and our crockery –and that’s before we even consider food and cleaning stuff!  Cabinets are a crucial feature in kitchen design and we really need them to fit the aesthetic we are aiming for. As well as being attractive we do of course need them to be practical.

Appliances such as fridges, rotisseries, and dishwashers are often assimilated into kitchen cabinetry and it really has to be one of our first thoughts when it comes to kitchen design. But what about cheap kitchen cabinets? Well, for one thing, cheap kitchen cabinets

Are often as good as there more expensive counterparts and should not be dismissed in consideration due to their pricing.  Cheap kitchen cabinets are typically refurbished and pre-assembled, which is why they are cheap. Do check their quality and ensure they are robust and well-made but don’t assume that a price tag is all that matters. You can get great cabinets as t lower prices.

Now, let’s have a look at some current kitchen design trends and the benefits they bring to a kitchen space.


1. More Glass

Glass makes any room brighter and more spacious and thus airier and more pleasant to be in  Escalating and expanding your windows is one way to intensify natural lighting and it fits and in a kitchen, this will often work to give a lovely view over the garden. In new homes, this can be done through uniting big windows, mainly near or over the sink area.  Mirrors and glass-fronted cabinets are another great way of bringing glass into a kitchen.


2. Grouping Cabinets Together

Kitchen cabinets can be grouped together as this helps to create more storage and a less cluttered look. Defined areas really help in creating work zones in the kitchen too. Storing like stuff close together makes a big difference to the efficiency of a kitchen


3. Taller Cabinets

Taller cabinets can work brilliantly well to streamline a kitchen as they can offer so much more storage and so much less visual clutter If you use a glass-fronted tall cabinet you can achieve both display and storage. It is lovely to be able to display things like vases and teapots in your tall glass cabinets. This can give a real decorative air to your kitchen whilst still preventing items from getting rusty,

Taller cabinets can allow you to store more of your kitchen utensils and minimize the number of things you need out on your surfaces which is always a good way of making a kitchen seem bigger too. Also, with taller kitchen cabinets, you can all store items that are not used often.  I don’t know about you but I have items like milkshake makers and blenders that need taller cabinets as they do not fit into regular sized ones at all as well!

When building your tall cabinets in your kitchen, you may want to consider how the lower spaces need to be developed. Base cabinet drawers can be really useful


4. Base Cabinet Drawers

Having base cabinet drawers are very useful. Being able to open one drawer instead of having to open two drawers can stop you having to bend so long and is therefore much better ergonomically and practically The greater depth can be really handy too for storage of larger items.


5. Cabinets as Furniture

Bespoke cabinets are always on trend and can be designed how you wish. Cabinets as furniture is a great way to maximize space and really very useful


I hope these trends have made you consider your kitchen cabinets a little differently and give a little more thought to how they would work in your kitchen .


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