The 5 Best Most Unique Ways To Hide Christmas Presents From Children

Unique Ways To Hide Christmas Presents – we have you covered! 

Every year we have to hide Christmas presents away from the children of the house. Trying to find cupboards, wardrobes and high places we think they’ll never venture. After the 100th time of using the same hiding place, they might start to cotton on.


Ways To Hide Christmas Presents


Ways To Hide Christmas Presents From Children

The guys over at Storebox self-storage recently conducted a survey of 400 parents to find out where they choose to hide their gifts. So many people stuck with the traditional cupboard or wardrobe, but a few definitely think outside the box when it comes to present hiding.

That’s why, Storebox have put together a few of the more unconventional ways parents are hiding gifts, to help give you a better idea of how you can keep your presents a surprise for Christmas Day.


Ways To Hide Christmas Presents From Children – Bland boxes and packaging

The art of disguise never gets old. As soon as your kids catch even a glimpse of Christmas wrapping paper, the game is all over. That’s why, some parents told us how they disguise presents in boring and plain packaging.

Try looking around the home and see if you have any old TV boxes or shoe boxes you can use to disguise your presents. You could even go the opposite way and put your kids off the scent, by wrapping ordinary items in Christmas wrapping paper.


Dirty laundry baskets

The perfect example of hiding gifts in the places kids will never look. Put the presents right at the bottom of the laundry pile and they’ll never get found. Just try and remember you’ve put them in there before you start loading the washing machine!


Hide them in the messiest room in the house

Hide them in plain sight, the perfect ruse. Identify the messiest room in the house and work your gifts into the chaos. This might be a junk room or a home office that never gets used. You could even incorporate this with the first idea and wrap everything in the room in Christmas wrapping paper, then it definitely will be hidden.


Storage units 

One of the survey respondents mentioned that they hire a storage unit over the Christmas period, to make sure their presents are never found.This is not only a great tactic for hiding your children’s Christmas presents, but also your spouses and any friends and family that might pop over for a look around.


Outside of the home – Ways To Hide Christmas Presents From Children

No space at home? Why not think outside of the house? Presents can be hid at friends, or parents houses. You could even hide a few of the smaller presents in your desk at work, just make sure you remember to pick them up before you leave for the Christmas holidays!


How are you planning on hiding your presents this Christmas? Is it something that you put much thought into? Or do you trust your kids to not snoop around?


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