The 5 things every child’s bedroom needs

Let’s take a look at the things every child’s bedroom needs

You know I am all about being thrifty and making the very most of the money you have,. I do believe in making sure when you do spend your money you spend it on the things that are really going to make a difference.  Here are 5 things I do believe it is worth spending your money on in a child’s bedroom.


The 5 things every child's bedroom needs

The 5 things every child’s bedroom needs

Here we go …

A good bed

Everyone in the world gets cranky without a good nights sleep and a good bed is really important. not only does it make a for a deeper sleep but it also means your child does not wake up stiff or uncomfortable.  Here is a guide to buying a good bed which includes trying out the bed and a mattress before you buy!  Your child will find this great fun! You really have to think about room size too, you don’t want a bed to dominate a bedroom as a child will use their bedroom for lots of things other than sleeping. Do you want to think about a bed with storage?


A bookshelf

I believe every child bedroom should have a bookcase id there is room. Reading is a lovely thing to do before bed and a great thing to encourage, far better for your child then the buzzy bright lights of the TV or any kind of screen time. They are much more likely to read if they have a bookcase nearby.


A bedside table

You have to have a place to put that book don’t you and a bedside table is handy for lots of reasons. It is a place for a lamp, a cup of water, a place to put their glasses too. Such a useful thing to have!


Blackout blinds

There is a really good guide to how much sleep a child needs according to their age written by the NHS and actually, children really do need quite a lot! Blackout blinds can really help especially in the summer months. Lots of choice over at Direct Blinds for blackout blinds to ensure your kids get to sleep and stay in bed in the light mornings! There are all sorts of styles and sizes and colours available so they can really fit in well with the room decor too.


A desk

Now whilst you might have a big lovely kitchen table for your child to colour/write/do homework at sometimes children just like us adults, like a bit of space. A little desk or table in their room will give them space to create where they can leave things out rather than clear away too.


So this is my list of bedroom essentials for a child’s room – what would you add?


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