The Advantages of Bunk Beds

Advantages of Bunk Beds

Okay they are still badgering me and trying to persuade me on the advantages of bunk beds.

Despite having lovely bedrooms since their recent makeovers my son still wants a bunk bed. The main reason he wants a bunk bed is for sleepovers of which he has had precisely one so far but he is adamant. Mummy it would make me EVER SO happy he keeps declaring .

‘Well,’ I said ‘I will think about it.’

So here I am  thinking about it .

My sister and I had bunk beds when we wer kids and we had a lot fo fun laughing and giggling and talking late into the night. Before that we had 2 single beds int he one room and I hated that. It left us no room to play in there at all.

Bunk beds seemed such an adventure in comparison climbing up high or snug as a buig below I used to pretend as I closed my eyes that were on a ship!

Carpetright sell some great bunk beds for children

jack bed

This hi/lo sleeper splits into 2 beds really easily in case the dream of bunking up grows old

Bunk beds are a great space saving idea and I think really good for sibling bonding and memory making too.

and I can’t get away from it…they are pretty much perfect for sleepovers (of which I am sure we are due another one soon)

Have I talked myself into it yet?

advantages of bunk beds

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