The Benefits of a Soup Maker for the Busy Bees

The Daily life of a mommy is to buzz like a bee throughout the day, going about with her daily chores and trying her best to meet the demands of her followers that tug onto her skirt. The familiar sounds of her title being shouted out all day, has her moving in different directions. It’s always ‘’Mommy this’’ or Mommy that’’, and every time she exhaustedly heeds to the demanding calls.

The one call that brings her out of her busy daze is the ‘’Mommy I’m hungry’’ call from the tiny little tots that stare up at her with their puppy eyes. Mommy starts buzzing at an accelerated pace to cook up a quick meal for those hungry little tummies, as it saddens her to keep her babies waiting. Imagine how easy life would be if mommy had a personal chef.

So we have decided to help mommy with a little kitchen chef, that will aid her in preparing those mouth-watering and nutritious soups and purees on the go.

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on the benefits of a soup maker for the busy Bees.


The Benefits of a Soup Maker for the Busy Bees


The Soup Maker

We all need a hand to juggle our daily chores and when we look at the dishwasher and the washing machine, the extra help that they offer takes a load off of our shoulders. A speedy kitchen aid on the other hand, to help us create those delicious meals for our families is always music to a moms ears, and the soup maker is known to take quite a load off of the home chef, as it is known as a one pot wonder.

Engineered to both cook and blend the soups and purees to perfection, this clever little kitchen tool comes with simplified instruction for us to follow. Whether it is that chunky flavourful soup that our family loves, or that delicious smooth lamb and vegetable puree that our toddler needs, the soup maker can do it all.

It is a master-chef that comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate our needs, and it works with optimal speed in producing bowl after bowl of those favourite winter warmers.

It boasts safety features as it will not blend the food until the lid is completely locked, making it safe for our bigger kids to use. That sure sounds like a winner to a busy bee like me.


Interesting Fact:

The trusty soup maker also serves as a blender to whip up that energy filled breakfast smoothie for the sporty scholar, and those delicious milkshakes for when the little ones demand a treat.


The Benefits of a Soup Maker for the Busy Bees


The Benefits of soups and Purees

Soups are amongst the most delicious and nutritious meals to have, as it packs a punch of essential health benefits that aid in our kids daily growth.

As moms, our main concerns when preparing meals for our children is that they get the maximum amount of vitamins that their little bodies need to help them grow up into big and strong adults. Their internal and external development is left entirely in our hands, so making sure that they get all the nutrition that they need is a priority.

Homemade purees that are freshly prepared for our infants to enjoy have all the nutrients that they require, and as moms we can have peace of mind that our precious babies are getting the best of everything that they need on a daily basis.

Although us moms know that vegetables, accompanied with any meal is like a plate full of tar to our kids, to incorporate it into their daily meals, camouflaged, would be a clever secret to quietly keep to ourselves as the main objective is to get it into their little tummies.

Sneaky, I know, but sometimes a mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do!



The Benefits of a Soup Maker for the Busy Bees


The Fussy Eater

You know, we all have the nit pickers in our families and when it comes to food, they seem to be the master-chefs in the taste testing category. The store bought soups are a pain to their palates, so opting for homemade is their preferred choice. 

With the variety of brands available on the market, and the trending brands known for their convenience and additional features, the soup maker gives us the opportunity to create palate pleasing, delicious meals for the fussy eaters, as we can make the soup according to their preferred taste.

It is designed to make our busy lives manageable by cooking and blending the soups in one go. . We have the choice of spicing up our soups with added ingredients to accommodate our family’s palates, and whether or not they like an extra bite to their soup, or prefer a smooth and creamy version, we can comfortably just leave it all up to the reliable soup maker as it never disappoints.

The end result is a preservative free meal that allows us as moms the benefit of the doubt when cooking with our very own master-chef. It’s a means to turn fussy eaters into happy eaters, so there will no longer be eyeballs popping out when they see those unwanted edibles, adamant that they will not be eating it.  We do however have a little luck on our sides with the little ones, as we only get those squashed faces or the ejected spoonful, which is to imply that they’re not too pleased.


A Baby Food Wonder

Soup makers are masters at cooking and blending our baby’s food to the desired consistency. Babies tend to dislike the store bought varieties that are available for them as it doesn’t seem to be very pleasing to their palates.

The reaction of those pulled faces and squishy mouths at the first bite is enough to throw the entire jar away, as although the foods are made to aid in the benefits of their daily growth, it is not very pleasing to their taste buds.

Having a soup maker on hand will give us the benefit of preparing our babies favourite meals without the fuss. With the comfort of personally adding the perfect ingredients to create our toddler’s meals, this baby food wonder will always produce pureed perfection.

A preservative free meal, prepared by us moms and our trusty soup makers, will give us peace of mind that our babies are getting a freshly cooked meal with the finest ingredients every time.

So, for the best pureed meat, veg or fruit dish for our bubbly toddlers, the soup maker is the efficient baby food wonder that will make it happen.


The Benefits of a Soup Maker for the Busy Bees


Mommy knows best when it comes to the likes and dislikes of her family’s needs, and when it comes to their daily diets, us moms would be glad to have a speedy master-chef to help our busy bee lifestyles, as full and healthy tummies always makes mom happy.


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