The benefits of a villa holiday

The benefits of a villa holiday

For the last few years we have been to Portugal on our yearly holiday and stayed in a James Villa’s property. These have been the best holidays we have ever had not just because of the stunning Algarve location and the fabulous beaches ( and oh my gosh they really are fabulous!)

benefits of a villa holiday


The benefits of a villa holiday

Villas make holidaying so much easier and more comfortable and they are absolutely my preferred holiday accommodation. Next year our hearts are set on The Canary Islands and I have been perusing Villas in Lanzarote in eager anticipation. Ah don’t they look wonderful and year round sunshine definitely gets my vote!

So why choose a villa holiday?

Oh I have so many reasons!

  • I like to be able to come in out of the hot sun with my kids who are both pretty fair. Villa’s make siestas a pleasure in a way that a small apartment or a hotel just don’t , It is a home away form home and perfect for a cool haven to rest  after swimming and sunbathing.
  • The larger living quarters mean we don’t get cramped, claustrophobic and irritated with each other, instead we properly relax. There is space for all our clothes which is brilliant and you can properly unpack and feel at home. It is also lovely for each of us to have our privacy  and time to ourselves. This makes for such a better holiday in my book.
  • I also enjoy being able to self cater. We are a family of vegetarians and eating out overseas can be fraught and disappointing. My kids are pretty fussy eaters too and often late risers on holiday. It is so nice to be able to eat what we like, when we like and oh my goodness eating out on holiday can be so expensive!  Having a villa with a kitchen means I can make pack ups when we are heading out and an evening meal and breakfast that everyone enjoys.
  • There are villas to meet every sort of holiday wish, from those in the countryside to those in the heart of a destination. We like a private pool and to be within walking distance of beaches so we do not have to hire a car. This is ultimately relaxing for us. Some people like to go off exploring whilst on their holidays and choose a villa to suit. There really are a vast array of choices.
  • No matter how nice a hotel or apartment complex the chances of getting noisy and annoying neighbours are real. This can add a lot of stress to a holiday. When you spend so much on going away the last thing you want is to be disturbed and irritated by other people.
  • A villa holiday really is a home away from home and as such you can potter outside in your PJ’s, swim at midnight, eat breakfast at lunchtime and basically do as you wish, somewhere very beautiful and sunny.

Doesn’t that just sound perfect? There are so many benefits of a villa holiday

I am a convert. If you are going to spend your hard-earned money and travel for hours you might as well make your holidays just as good as they can be and a villa holiday gives you all you need.


The benefits of a villa holiday is a collaborative post – you mihgt also like my post on things to do in Gale Portugal where we reviewed a villa holiday



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  1. September 20, 2017 / 22:45

    We recently stayed in a villa and it was our first time. Why didn’t we do this sooner? It was perfect and no worries about fighting for a sun lounger or worrying about restaurant times. We could eat when we wanted and how we wanted. No schedules just fun.

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