The benefits of conservatories

benefits of conservatories

The  many benefits of conservatories

I do think a conservatory is an absolutely lovely addition to a home. Typically they are filled with light and face out on to a garden. These attributes, all by themselves, make conservatories a wonderful place to be. They also provide additional space which I think is so important to bring more peace into your life. I love an additional room to escape by myself for a while and a conservatory is a great way of adding that little escape into your home.


How we use our conservatory

Do you have a conservatory? Oh, I just would not be without ours. It is so multi-functional I swear it works harden r than I do. We keep our beloved music in the conservatory, our record player and records. our music stands, ukeleles guitars and keyboard. Even the bassoon lives int here. But that is not all. My son has his computer and desk in our conservatory and does his homework, coding and gaming there. My daughter stores all her ( huge amount) of Lego in the conservatory and all of her crafts stuff/ WE also have a cupboard full of board games in there. On top of all that we have a comfy chair to read in staring out at the garden in a room that gets deliciously filled with sun. Yes, our conservatory is much loved and much used.

To be honest, though the structure itself has seen MUCH better days and it really is ready for upgrading.


Conservatory options and styles

I do like the look of Edwardian Conservatories

They are so bright and light and just right for informal living or creative pursuits. This one from St Helens Windows would make a lovely home office, I think. All that natural daylight coming through would be just wonderful.


These Edwardian conservatories are  A-Rated, energy efficient and manufactured to a high standard, giving you the best quality and value for money. For a family on a budget, this is vitally important. Not only does it keep your energy bills lower but it also adds good value to your property when it comes to resale.

It is very important to have a quality conservatory fitted as you can have all sorts of issues otherwise with leaking roofs and draughty windows and security.

Victorian conservatories are one of the more popular styles of conservatories in the UK.  The style of the Victorian conservatory includes a bay front, a steeply pitched roof, and ornate detailing. Wouldnt these just look wonderful on older properties.


Then, of course, there are garden room conservatories – these are possibly my favourite due to the access to outside being so generous. They also tend to have a tiled roof which although this can limit the light it also makes cleaning so much easier! They feel perhaps a little more like an extra room than a conservatory.



Whatever style you go for (and aren’t the St Helens Windows designs just lovely!) I think you will agree there are just so many benefits to conservatories.



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  1. April 4, 2019 / 04:10

    I’ve never seen an actual house with conservatory but looking at those pictures as an example, I can say that it really looks good and cozy. Thank you so much for sharing.

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