The benefits of electric heating

Have you got your heating on still?

I must admit that mine is still on bar the occasional few days. I have a little electric heating that I use to heat my little part of the kitchen that I call my office. There is no point heating the whole house when I am the only one here during the day. I also make sure I wear layers and drink warm drinks when I am feeling chilly to keep me cosy.

I have to admit I can find any excuse for a hot chocolate!


There are a lot of benefits to electric heating, not just the fact that it is easy to heat isolated areas.

Let me tell you about a few of them.

  1. One of the big advantages of electric heating rather than central heating is that it requires no boiler maintenance and no pipes laying in the set up, all of which cost you money.
  2. It is also really straightforward to install and adjust electric heating. Electric heaters can be installed by just about  anyone within 10 to 20 minutes (depending on your DIY skills!). They simply require standard socket, and if you’re opting for a panel heater or a wall mounted electric radiator, they will simply hang on the wall like a TV, using brackets that are provided.
  3. Electric heating products are wide ranging and designed to suit a variety of different needs they include  electric radiators, traditional storage heaters and top-of-the-range infrared heaters.This means you can heat your home as you wish and in line with your taste preference and budget.

The benefits of electric heating

The RC Wave Electric Radiators look fabulous, they have brilliant efficiency and cost-saving advantages. Their features include a precision thermostat which is a really reliable source of heating. It uses the latest dry thermal technology so there are no risk of leaks from oil or gel filled electric radiators. It is available in a variety of sizes and is ultra slim and they come with a life time guarantee, It also comes with optional feet so it can be free standing which is PERFECT for renters too.

So I have to say I think there are just so many benefits to electric heating  it really is worthwhile considering it!



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