The benefits of garden offices

today – the benefits of garden offices

My current office issues

As someone who works from home in a house with no office, I have long hankered after a garden office.

At the moment I work in a teeny tiny corner of the kitchen facing a wall. This is no conducive to creativity and it is very space-constrained. It gets me down too when my kids come clattering home form school dumping packed lunch bags and errant bits of homework on the dining room table right on top of my works stuff.

I definitely need a clearer, bigger and more defined space to work.

It’s time to look into the benefits of garden offices


benefits of garden offices



I have considered co-working. In Nottingham where I live there are lots of co-working options which bring with them a change of scene, new people to meet and a lot of opportunities for networking. But these are not for me. I just love to work by and for myself and it brings me paeace and allows me to be creative. Othe people distract me and I am too socialble for my own good – I would get just nothing done.


So what’s the solution?

We don’t have the money to move and no other rooms are available in our home to be used as offices so I really am having to think outside the box. I did consider an extension but it really woudl be too expensive. So I have been thinking, our garden is big and there is definitely space. I think garden offices might prove to be the perfect solution.


The benefits of garden offices

The benefits of garden offices are extensive

  1. You don’t have to travel far to work – both a time and money-saving option sand no sitting in traffic jams!
  2. You can close the door behind you and you are away from everything
  3. A lovely view from the window
  4. A cost-effective option esp[ecially compared to an extension
  5. You can pop home for lunch saving you lots of cash!

I think this would work so well for me. It would absolutely be defined a place for me to work but I would still be around and on hand for the kids – there really are so many perks the benefits of garden offices are truly fantastic


Various options on garden offices

Garden offices can be small and chic like the one above and including installation come in for under £4000

Or a garden office can be a much more elaborate affair and house several desks if need be for around £10k including installation this would be an amazing setup! Pn eof the bnefits of garden offices is their value compared to extending!

I am often crafting and creating in my job so space for a large table would be absolutely awesome for me. Whatever you are after I am sure there would be a size and shape to suit.


the benefits of garden offices


So there you go a look at the benefits of garden do you feel about working in your garden? You might also like to take a look at my post on Garden Shed FAQ’s


The benefits of garden offices is a collaborative post


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