The benefits of Quorn

Quorn was launched in 1985 and is now sold in 16 countries worldwide – lets take a look at The benefits of Quorn

We are a family of vegetarians often in a hurry and the benefits of quorn are it is a tasty quick, convenient way for us to get our protein.





The benefits of Quorn

Quorn can be used as a cooking ingredient, sandwich maker and it also comes in a range of ready meals.

It is high in protein and low in fat, making it a great alternative to meat and for those trying to lose weight.

We were sent a few vouchers to try a few things from the range.

Here’s what we chose


Quorn Mozzarella and Pesto escalopes….


Quorn chicken slices


Quorn savoury eggs



All delicious, inexpensive and convenient and you can buy Quorn pretty much everywhere

We ♥ Quorn. and really the benefits of Quorn are huge.  One of my absolute favourite things about it is that it is considered a free food on the Slimming World diet! Oh and that it is so tasty a bunch f teens who aren’t veggie, receiving homemade Quorn veggie cobs will just devour them rather than moan. Quorn really is a great ingredient for veggies and non-veggies alike


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