The Benefits of Stairlifts

The benefits of stairlifts are many and they can make sure a difference to people who are older and or infirm on their feet.

In this post I am gong to share with you the impact I have seen stairlifts have in my own life and explore some of the many benefits of stairlifts that might mean they would work for you and your family


The benefits of stairlifts


The benefits of stairlifts


My experiences

My in laws fitted a stairlift in their home because they didn’t have a downstairs bathroom or bedroom. They wanted great gran who was a wheelchair user to be able to visit for the afternoon and have tea and even stay over every now and again. great gran lived in a care home and for her to be able to get out and come visit was such a break for her and so lovely. Without the stairlift this would have been entirely impossible. 

On another occasion our other great grandma, who had limited mobility also came for a visit and was also able to use the stairlift which meant she could stay longer too as she could access the rest room.

It is so important to be able to still visit and get about when you are older and fitting a stairlift was such a great thing my in laws did to enable their older relatives the chance to come to their home. I am so proud and grateful to them for that. 

I also worked in a children’s home for a while about 15 years ago. It was a respite care home for children with various disabilities. A number of the children we cared for had mobility issues and we did not have a lift. A stairlift meant they could access the upstairs games room and bedrooms even if their legs were tired and it it really opened up our facility.

Sadly great grandma sold up her much loved home for a bungalow in a new area due to mobility, this was such a shame as she loved her neighborhood. A stairlift could have solved that issue for her and given her at least a few more years living in her home. 

Access is so important to quality of life and opportunities for inclusion.


What choice of stairlift is there?

Age UK Mobility  have helped thousands of people maintain independence within their homes with their wide range of stairlifts  they offer and they can do a home visit to advise what works best for you. Their range includes straight stairlifts, curved, and reconditioned stairlifts, there are a variety of options  for every home and budget.


The benefits of stairlifts

So to sum it up really the benefits of stairlifts include:

  • Access to areas otherwise off limits die to mobility issues (did you know you can even get access to a garden with a stairlift – that is so cool!) 
  • Not having to move house because toilet/bedroom inaccessible on the second floor of a house
  • Continued independence despite mobility difficulties

These are SUCH important benefits for people as they get older and a stairlift is such a simple solution.


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