The Benefits of Teeth Straightening for Kids, Teens and Adults

Getting teeth straightening treatments for your kids and teens is one of the best things you can do for their dental health and self-esteem. Many parents opt not to do this because they can cause discomfort and their child or teen might not like them. However, most kids learn to wear them, and the discomfort goes away quickly. Additionally, teeth straightening has several benefits which apply to kids, teens, and adults alike.


The Benefits of Teeth Straightening

Helps with Chewing

Kids are already very fussy about eating and any issue that can make eating worse only exacerbates the issue. A bad bite is a good example of this where the top and bottom teeth do not come together as expected, leading to difficulties eating. These difficulties can cause children to swallow large chunks of food which increases the risk of choking as well as nutrition issues. Teeth straightening can correct their bite, thus eliminating both these issues.


Improves Self Esteem

Teens are very sensitive about how they look, which is a major determinant of their self-confidence. Teens who are already anxious about how they look will be double embarrassed if they feel their teeth are not straight enough. Getting your teen braces to help correct misaligned or crowded teeth is an important step in helping them regain and rebuild their confidence.

Improves Their Speech

Proper speech allows kids, teens, and adults alike to communicate properly. We all want to be heard and understood and anything that causes us not to be can lead to frustration. Misaligned teeth cause speech issues where the gap between the top and bottom teeth makes it difficult to form certain words. Although adults can communicate in other ways, kids and teens do not usually have these avenues and correcting their speech is therefore imperative. Realigning the teeth and correcting other issues such as crowding can have a profound effect on speech. Speech improvements can also have a positive impact on kids’ and teens’ self-esteem.

Prevents Jaw Pain

Misaligned teeth that do not come together as they should lead to harder jaw clenching, especially when chewing. This puts a lot of pressure on the jaw and related muscles, while also increasing instances of teeth grinding. This strain and grinding can lead to other issues such as headaches, earaches and pain in the neck and shoulder. This is not an ideal situation, especially for kids and teens, and this misalignment must be corrected as soon as possible.

Improves Oral Health

Proper and thorough brushing is important for good oral health, no matter your age. Teeth straightening makes it easier to clean between and behind the teeth, thus helping to improve oral health.


The Benefits of Teeth Straightening


Teeth Straightening Options for Kids, Teens and Adults

Now that we know the benefits of teeth straightening, you may be wondering what options are available for you and the kids. There are two main options to choose from: aligners and braces. Braces are very common and work effectively for kids. This is because their teeth and bones are still growing so the braces will be able to position their teeth much easier than in teens and adults.

Braces are also a great option for teens. They also work great for this age but there may be some resistance in older teens. Braces are bulky (although less bulky than they used to be) and very conspicuous. Younger teens may not feel embarrassed wearing braces, but older teens would. So, do consider getting them ceramic braces.

Ceramic braces use ceramic brackets instead of metal and teeth-coloured wires instead of shiny wires, so they are less conspicuous. They also work just as well as metal brackets, but without the attention and embarrassment for your older teens.

So, how much do braces cost UK? The good news is that the brace cost UK has come down in recent years. The price of braces depends on the orthodontist and some online retailers have very affordable options. So, what should you go for as an adult? Metal and ceramic braces work just as well in adults because there is no limit on the age you can get braces. However, they may not be very appealing since you will likely be in a professional setting. For adults, clear braces are the better option. These braces are made of clear plastic and are therefore very inconspicuous. Clear braces are very affordable when bought through Straight My Teeth who provide affordable aligners in the UK. Straight My Teeth makes the process of getting the right aligners easy on their website, where you can also get more information on their payment plans. Follow the link to find out what are your options if you want to straighten your teeth.

There is never a right or wrong time to get your teeth straightened and considering the many benefits that come with doing so, there is no reason to not see an orthodontist about it.


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