The Benefits of Using a Courier Comparison Site

Do you send many parcels?

Do you just pop along to you post office or have you used a courier comparison site?

For me Christmas time and periods of selling on eBay and Amazon yield the most parcels. I am a thrifty parcel sender. I keep every scrap of bubble wrap and packaging material that comes in and recycle it well when I have parcels to send myself.

Some items I sell are bulky and difficult to drag along to the post office, sometimes I have a number of parcels to go at once and sometimes it is just not convenient for me to be stood for an age in the post office. This is when service like Parcel2go are invaluable.



I cannot begin to tell you how much I hate going to our local post office with a pile of parcels . I always seem to get stuck behind someone doing some complex task like having passport forms checked or sorting out tax discs. or even doing a pile of jobs in one go. Plus actually processing all my parcels to send can take an age. It is so much more convenient to have them collected from home.

parcel 2

This saves me carting everything about as well as waiting and I love that their is a same day delivery option ( I am a bit forgetful!) The bulk shipping tools make it easy for those who do lots of selling and the prepaid option means thrifters like me can have their finances organised and credit in place.

Sending with parcel2go allows you to track your parcels too which is great if you have a buyer on your back wanting to know when their goods will arrive or simply for you own piece of mind.

There is an interesting London Business article about Parcel2go which talks about it being the money supermarket of parcels. I think the reason its so successful is a lot to do with the cost choice element involved. You can decide on your courier and  how your parcel is sent so their are various price options. In times like this people like control over their money and choice.

Parcel2go was first courier comparison site in the UK, and now  deals with over 1.2 million customers.

A new way to think about posting.

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