The best birthday presents to get for your husband

So what are the best birthday presents to get for your husband

Husbands can be a nightmare to buy for cant they? i often find myself shaing hints and tips with friends. I just loveing buying and choosing gifts for a range of budgets and for all sorts of people so  I thought you might me to like me to shatre some of my faourite ideas with you.


The best birthday presents to get for your husband


The best birthday presents to get for your husband – 10 top ideas

1. How about a private registration plate? These are always fun and can be a great investment too. I have had great fun exploring the options at

2. And what about an experience? – driving a racing car, a chocolate making course or something else they would love to try?

3. A diary is a wonderful gift idea for them to write down their thoughts and stories, a lovely thing to reflect on in years to come

4. How about a spa day for just the 2 of you …a chance to really reconnect and spend some quality time together?

5. As time together is so precious how about you both taking the day off of work and you just spending a lovely day together, walk, a special lunch and a movie – it doesn’t need to be expensive – time together is priceless.

6. How about a musical instrument – could be a ukele or a harmonica or even a drum? This could be great fun (or a bit of a headache) maybe you get yourself a new instrument too and you could start a band!

7.  How about a subscription to a curry club or a magazine they like? Something that will keep being sent throughout the yeat to bring them lasting pleasure.

8. How about a personalised gift, such as keyring with a special message that they can carry with them and think of you?

9.  Or how about a love letter? You can’t really beat a love letter can you full of heart and romance and a precious gift to keep forever.

10. Lastly, why not think about framing a special photo that your husband loves and that captures something or someone special in their life.


Oh and do make them a cake. Everyone loves a birthday cake!


I  do hope my ideas have helped you decide the best birthday presents to get for your husband


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