The Best Easter Eggs


We always got the best Easter eggs at Easter when we were kids. They were always from Thorntons and always had our names on. No matter what other eggs or Easter treat we ever got these were always our favourite, It made it extra special too that my mum always wrote Rebecca on my Thorntons eggs rather than just Becky. It made me feel very posh!

Funny the things you remember isn’t it and the traditions you pass on. Thorntons chocolates remain something special in our home to this day and yes I do get my kids eggs from Thorntons with their names on just like my mum and dad did for me. My kids have unusual names os getting anything with their names on always makes them super happy.

Thorntons chocolate is  (I have to admit) one of my most favourite types of chocolates too it’s so smooth and creamy…I just love it. My kids Easter eggs are NOT safe around me and they know this only too well so they both squirrel them quickly away!

Other things we always do at Easter are:

  • Take a load of eggs to our local homeless drop-in centre
  • Hide eggs in Grandad’s  garden for all the kids to hunt
  • Have a go at dyeing and decorating eggs (so messy!)
  • Fill the house with daffodils

I do rather love Easter – do you?

I would love to hear what you get up to at Easter and what your traditions are, do you still get an Easter Egg? Literally, nobody buys me Easter Eggs anymore and it’s such a shame as I love them so if anyone fancy putting that right this year then… (I am going to leave this page open on my PC for my other half to read. Mine’s a white choc and raspberry egg from Thorntons, please!)

I hope you and yours get the best Easter Eggs


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